You know when autumn season comes; you can see and smell the changes --the burning leaves and the roasting peanuts. Most folks begin to feel a pinch of chill in the breeze. The leaves start changing into splendid hues and the colors that can leave you breathless. This is the season when some people begin to think of hiking, football, and the approaching holidays.

Autumn has two main holidays for a lot of people. These include Halloween and Thanksgiving. When designing your main autumn home decorating motif, it is good to also keep these celebrations in mind so you don't have to make big adjustments just to adapt to these holidays. Many people adore the colors related to autumn. The yellows, oranges, shades of gold, and brown stand as all-time-favorites of home decorating in the fall. Sometimes, the autumn decor is eclipsed by Christmas because it approaches soon after Thanksgiving.

If you need inspiration when decorating for autumn, just take note of the colors mentioned. One excellent theme to integrate into the decorating routine would be the motif of leaves. Falling leaves are among the most familiar associations with this season and it gives a nice effect when used in your home decor. You could even find or make leaf garlands in autumn shades if you just look for them. Autumn leaves can make lovely centerpieces and flower-like arrangements, too.

Harvest is another concept associated with autumn. This is also quite easy to integrate this into nearly all home decorations. Gourds cam make a great accent item for this time of year and it's easy to find real ones in just about any marketplace along with a lot of realistic plastic gourds. These may be used, as much as or along with autumn leaves, as part of your centerpieces, in tabletop decorations, floral arrangements, and even as holder for place cards during large gatherings. They are very versatile and colorful additions to any autumn home decorating design.

Although pumpkins are basically gourds, they have a special place in the totality of the autumn home decorating plan. Pumpkins are particularly associated with both Halloween and Thanksgiving Day and must not be left out in the decor scheme. In addition they are fairly colorful, bright, and cheerful elements to have around the home. To keep the odor of rotting pumpkins off, just avoid displaying carved ones for a longer period of time. You may use the uncarved ones for display on regular days. Have those carved pumpkins near or on the "big day" only.

An excellent autumn centerpiece idea generally would be a large bowl, in prominent colors of fall such as a burnt orange or shades of gold. During the early part of autumn you may fill the bowl with candies wrapped in autumn colors. This is ideal for family snacks and also for trick or treaters that may visit your home on Halloween. After this holiday is over you may fill the centerpiece bowl with colorful leaves and gourds to perfect the look. This ought to carry you throughout Thanksgiving even as you start planning for Christmas decorations and winter.

Autumn is always ripe with decorating ideas and elements. It's high time to scour your local craft shops, or just take a hike and let nature speak to you, then try to get inspiration from there.