In today’s fast paced life, a lot of people suffer from stress and stress induced illnesses. Stress can be either emotional or physical and it is your body’s natural way of telling you to slow down. If you ignore the early warning signals, then it can cause several problems including heart attacks and death in extreme cases. Here is a list of tips that help you to relieve stress, so that you are able to better deal with it.

  1. Move Away: If a situation is causing a lot of stress, then you need to take a breather. If it is a project at work, then take a few days off and go for a vacation. Do not carry your work with you. Moving away from the situation completely, allows your body and mind to get a chance to recharge itself. This will help you to come back with a fresh mind which is better poised to deal with the situation.
  2. Document It: Sometimes documenting the details of the situation, helps you to get a better clarity on what is causing the stress. This will also help you to identify whether there is something you can do to reduce the stress and to improve the situation. If there is nothing that you can do, then resolve to be calm about it and wait it out. Often, situations in life pan out in a much better way than you worry about.
  3. Exercise: Regular exercise not only helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also plays a crucial role in stress management. The pheromones released after a rigorous work out make you feel more upbeat about life.
  4. Learn to say No: Often taking up more than what you can handle is a major cause of stress. Plan your work day and if you feel that you are being overloaded, then discuss it with your boss. It is much better to say no upfront, than to take on a job that you cannot deliver.
  5. Visualize Calm: If you suddenly feel overwhelmed with the amount of stress in your life, then even spending five minutes just closing your eyes and visualizing calm scenery would immediately help you to calm down and de stress.

There are several ways in which you can manage stress effectively. The key thing to keep in mind is that there is no situation that you cannot overcome with will power and a positive attitude.