There are basically 3 types of Internet marketers: those who can get good traffic from Facebook to their website and then those Internet marketers who think Facebook is a stupid source to use for traffic. Generally those who do not like Facebook for traffic are those who have failed to use Facebook correctly. If you simply spam your website link you will get little to no traffic. Here are some tips on how to get traffic and to convert your Facebook visitors into visitors who not only click over to your website, but will also convert into product buyers.  Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool if used properly. Here are some tips to help get you started with Facebook marketing.

Facebook Fan Page


If you have not yet set up a Facebook fan page for your product or website then go ahead and do it now. It is free and there are a lot of benefits to using a Facebook fan page as for your business as opposed to a regular profile. In fact, you can actually get you account banned if you use a regular profile as a business profile. Protect yourself by marketing your business through a Facebook fan page. You need to keep the fan page updated on a regular basis and not abandon the fan page and then to return to post only once in a while. Facebook marketing is an active process.


Once you get 30 likes you will get access to stats for your Facebook fan page. These stats can help you out a lot with your marketing efforts; however I would not worry about the stats until you get at least 100 followers.

Blog Posts

Many blogs will link to their blog post from their Facebook fan page. Others will post a blurb and then a link that says something like “click here” to read the rest of the article. Instead of doing this you should on a regular basis post a unique blog post specifically to your fan page and nowhere else. This will help to build interaction on your Facebook page and when you get a lot of Facebook fans you will be able to get more visitors to your website then if you had simply posted a link to the blog post on your website.

This is by no means an excuse not to post on your blog. You should still post to your blog on a regular basis, but occasionally write a piece specifically for your Facebook fan page.

Run a Contest

The most effective way to use Facebook fan pages is to build up a lot of followers. To get a lot of “likes” on your fan page you should urn a contest. Research and look at a lot of different contests that have been ran through Facebook and see which ones were effective and which ones were crappy. Make it a good contest and do not insult your fans or the contest could actually backfire on creating loyalty to your fan page.

Special Offers and Coupons

You should make special offers and coupons available to your followers. If there is a special offer available on your Facebook fan page that is not available directly on the website then it can help you get new customers and also help to build loyalty among customers. People always love to get a special offer and if they feel special about finding your special offer on the Fan page then you can expect to get repeat customers. Many of these people will also follow your Fan Page more closely when they are looking to buy a product similar to what you sell.

Engage Fans

Get your fans to interact with your posts. If they are liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts then it will help your posts to be more visible. More busy posts will turn into more Facebook fans on the fan pages and more traffic to your website. When you post something such as an interesting or controversial picture it is important that you ask n the post what people think about this. An engaging post will get people responding to the post and helping to posts made by others who in turn reply again. This can help drive massive traffic to your fan page if you get the right viral post.

Facebook URL

Get a good custom Facebook name for your fan page. It is good to have your Facebook URL for the fan page to reflect your business such as for a website that is about Bobs big Doughnuts.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is the best way to promote both your Facebook fan page, your website and any affiliate products you may be promoting. You can easily lose money placing Facebook ads if you do not know what you are doing. It is important that you test different ads.

With Facebook advertising you can pay for impressions or clicks. Some people have better results when they pay for impressions and others by clicks. Most new marketers will pay per click but many experienced affiliate marketers will find much more success with paying for impressions on their Facebook ads.

Help People

Helping people is the number one way to help build up the number of loyal followers you have. Let’s say you have a plumbing supply business where you sell toilet plungers and other similar stuff. Some people would simply post links to their plumbing supply business and maybe share good deals periodically. A much better way to build up loyal clientele is to offer free articles that truly help people such as “how to unclog toilet and not have to call in professionals”. People will learn that they can ask for advice on your fan page and you will truly give them the best advice possible and it will save them money. When you freely share advice and help without asking for anything in return then you will begin to grow your business.