Lots of people report that facial hair can be removed effectively by using facial laser resurfacing. With this treatment, it helps to remove the hair as well as making the skin far smoother than before. The process consists of a laser being shone onto the treated area which should destroy the hair follicles. In turn, this means that the hair should not grow back in the future and the problem is solved. One of the main aspects which people often overlook is that they don't properly look into the aftercare needed. Once people have a treatment like this, they need to take a lot of rest and care for their body to make sure that they recover back to good health as soon as possible. Here are some ideas on what you should do following the facial laser treatment.

1) Be sure to regularly spray Aquaphor cream where you have had the treatment done. Also make sure that the areas on the face which feel sore are treated with cetaphil soap and cold water 3 times a day for the first two days, then twice a day afterwards.

2) Drinking lots of water will help the skin to heal quicker and look even better after the treatment. Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day for the first few weeks after surgery.

3) Have some prescribed antibiotics if necessary (for example, keflex) for up to seven days after the treatment.

4) If you feel unwell after the facial laser resurfacing procedure, then take some antiviral drugs (like acyclovir) for five days after the procedure.

5) Constantly take pills which deal with pain if necessary (only if the doctor approves of it).

6) Place ice packs onto the treated areas for the first two days after the surgery to prevent the skin feeling itchy in the future.

7) When the skin heals up (which should roughly take a week), be sure to put moisturizer onto the skin every day for a few weeks so that the skin continues to be moist.

8) Women are not advised to wear make-up for the first few weeks after this expensive laser treatment as it can damage the skin. The skin needs to recover, so if it necessary to wear foundation, buy one which has a mineral base. This can help to hide the redness of the skin.

9) Finally, do not go into the Sun for a long period of time for at least a month after the treatment was done. As the skin treated area is still very sensitive, the skin can burn easily. After this month has finished, wear a strong Sun lotion whenever you are out on the beach or generally out (at least SPF 30+).

It is essential to follow these steps after having facial laser resurfacing done to ensure that the treatment has the best results.