When you walk into a store to look for the best anti wrinkle cream, you are often stopped dead in your tracks with the amount of items that you have to choose from. How can you possibly pick from the hundreds of items that are sitting on the shelf in front of you. While there is no tried and true way, there are some things that you can take into consideration to make sure that you are spending your money wisely.

Following are the some tips to find the best anti wrinkle cream. Some people are a little confused as to what these products are actually supposed to do. They are not going to make you look twenty years old again, but they will eliminate some wrinkles and should reduce the lines that are on your facial area. These things do not happen overnight and will take weeks or months to start to take hold. While there are creams that have an immediate effect, those results go by the wayside when you wash your face off at night.

There are known elements that have been clinically proven to work and these elements are what you need to look for in these creams. If the cream is making some ridiculous claim that they have found a magic ingredient, but that testing has not yet been completed, put it on the back burner for right now and do not risk losing your money on a worthless product.

You also do not want to just go out blindly to buy every product that you have read about in your favorite magazine. As with many other things, it should all start with your doctor. We all have our own makeup and nobody can give you better advice on what to use than a good dermatologist.

Dermatologists are also tapped into the market and know what items are fakes and which ones will actually help you fight off those golden years. Their input could be the difference in wasting hundreds of dollars or in hitting a home run on your very first shot. Don't buy anything until you run it by your doctor.

After you have met with your doctor, you should have several options available to you that should work. Now it is time for you to do your legwork and get on the internet. You do this to find the best deals and see what products are in your overall budget. After all, there is no sense in pursuing a product that costs double what you are able to spend.

Initially however, you should be spending very little money. All of the major companies that have products that have been proven to work usually offer a guarantee, a free sample or both. That is the difference in company that knows that they have a great product and one that is just pretending to have one.

Whenever you have a market that has a lot of people interested in the product, you are going to have scams. While you cannot always avoid them, following these tips should get you pointed in the right direction. Just be careful, follow your doctor's advice and get as many free samples as you can before deciding on a final product.