Looking for that next big job? The hardest part of your job search efforts is the interview. Here are some tips to make your interview go smoothly and increase your chances of landing that new job. getting hired for any job is easier thna you realize if you use these simple tips.

Learn About the Company

Before you go to the interview, try to read all you can about the company, even if it’s just for a basic job. This shows the employer that you actually care about the company and have taken the effort to learn as much as possible about what the organization is all about. Try to find out the CEOs name and the person who does the interviews, even if you have to call and ask it shows incentive. These might seem like small things but employers will take notice and that small extra just might get you the job.

Dress Well

Make sure you dress well to the interview as this makes a good first impression. If you just go to the interview in your regular clothes this won’t make a very good impression and your resume will get tossed. Even if the interview is to some place like Wal-Mart you should still dress in a professional manner to the interview.

Answer all Questions to the Best of Your Ability

Make sure you answer all question to the best of your ability. Saying “I don’t know” isn’t an option! Before your interview think of questions the employer is likely to ask you and rehearse your answers.  Your answers are going to say a lot about you so try and answer them as best you can during the interview.

Avoid Fidgeting

In the interview don’t twirl your hair around your fingers or chew gum or otherwise fidget. The employer will think you want to be someplace else. You may be nervous but don’t let this show during the interview just relax and be yourself and you’ll get through the interview fine. To ease your nerves, just keep your hands at your lap and sit normally.

Let the Employer Know How You Can help

An employer wants to know how you cаn help them so show them that you have the skills and abilities to help them and their organization. The more you can show this the better. Give them an incentive to hire you.  Maybe you have a skill that they are looking for or certain experiences that will be beneficial to their organization.

Tell Them Why You Want to Work There

The employer needs to know why you want to work there. Make them understand the reasons why you want to work in their organization. This is also where you can showcase your talents and let the employer know how these talents will benefit the organization. Speak with confidence and make the employer interested in you.

Be a Sales Person

Just remember that in the interview you are selling yourself and how you can help the employer. If you can’t do this then you probably won’t get hired. The employer needs to know how you can help them. Your skills aren’t enough you need to give the employer an incentive to hire you. If you make your best pitch at each interview the chance of getting hired will be that much higher.