So you been thinking about ditching those razors and waxing appointments and opting for something more permanent, such as laser hair removal? Although this procedure is not successful with everyone and can take several treatments, it can be an effective way of removing hair permanently for many. Men and women are both getting this procedure done. There are some things you must do ahead of time in order to make your laser hair removal appointment a better experience. Please consider the tips and information below before getting laser hair removal.

You will want to find an experienced professional hair removal tech to schedule an appointment with. This is extremely important because the more experience the smoother the ride. A less experience tech can blotch beyond repair. It can scar and be much more painful than it has to be. Some doctors even provide this service but that does not mean they are experienced. If in doubt seek the advice of your dermatologist and ask around. Word of mouth can be the best advice. If cost is an issue ask ahead of time. This can vary from $100 to $500 and even more.

Laser hair removal does not take well to darker skin. So you need to stop all tanning, fake or real prior to your appointment. If you hold tan well this can take up to an year. If your skin is naturally dark, it can cause burns and blotching so bad that it will leave permanent scars.

It is not wise to have laser hair removal on any area that has recently been plucked or waxed. It's best that if you have been thinking about this laser hair removal to stop all methods of hair removal other than shaving. You should not have this procedure done to any area that has been waxed or plucked in the past 3 months.

When it is time for your appointment be sure that the area is shaved. Even if it is the face. The light on the laser picks up the hair under the skin. It works best on light skin with dark hair.

Do not schedule any other appointments, photos or outings for the next few days after your procedure. If the laser will be used on the face you will be all puffy and swelled. If your hair is dark it can appear to be these horrid blackheads, which are really exploded hair follicles. Makeup can be applied afterward, but only if it is a natural mineral make up.

If you are having an area such as the bikini line done be prepared to have a very unpleasant ride home if you wear pants to the appointment. Wear a loose skirt and bring a sheet along. There may be a need to sit naked on the way home and the sheet will come in handy, but it might not be necessary.

Prior to your appointment talk about what will happen and what to expect. Ask what you need to do to be prepared. Some places might be different but it is common for them to ask you to shave the day of the treatment. Ask them about taking something for pain. Some people take ibuprofen 15 minutes before the session begins. If you have a low tolerance for pain you might find a place that uses numbing cream for laser hair removal.

Tips & Warnings:

  • This procedure can be just slightly unpleasant to extremely painful. It is very important to get an experienced tech.
  • I can tell you from personal experience that I got a fairly new tech at my doctors office. I was severely blotched and even have discoloration in the area.
  • There are no guarantees that there will not be new growth. If you have high levels of male hormones it can increase the chances of new growth.
  • It can take 2 to 6 treatments to treat an area and yearly follow ups may be required to maintain.
  • If you have no tolerance for pain you might want to rethink laser hair removal.