Going to high school is a big moment in young men’s and women’s life’s, but it can also be very stressful. If you are getting ready for your first year of high school you may be nervous and excited at the same time. This is an entirely normally feeling. Here are some tips to help you handle starting high school.

You’re Not Alone

You are not the only one that will be nervous. Many other students will be nervous also as they shake with trepidation on their first day of high school. Ok, maybe it is not quite that bad but you do need to remember that others will be nervous also.  If you are nervous it can help to find a friend to hang out with. There is nothing worse than starting high school and going to a new school in a new town where you do not know anybody.

Meeting New Friends

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If you are going to a new school then you can “start fresh” and feel good about it. Oftentimes you may try to befriend the first person that talks to you at a new school. Be nice and polite but in order to meet people with similar interests you need to do some planning. If you like to lift weights then hanging out in the weight room and allow you to meet new friends who have a similar interest in weightlifting. If you like playing basketball then go find a pick-up game in the gym at lunchtime.

Don’t Brag

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In order to get people to like them at a new school many new high school students will brag about something. It does not matter whether you can back up your bragging or not. Bragging often backfires and causes people to not like you and not to respect you. If you got to your new high school and are constantly bragging then you will suffered greatly when you have no friends and people dislike you. You need to stop boasting and stop doing it now. If you truly have a great skill set such as you are an awesome basketball player then the other students will soon recognize that and then brag about you to others.

Extra Curricular Activities Overload

It is vital that you participate in a few extra-curricular activities such as chess club or the young Einstein’s club. Whatever extra-curricular activities you choose it is imperative that you do not overload yourself. If you are taking 3 advanced placement classes, active in 2 school clubs, and play on the junior varsity wrestling squad as well as work part-time and do all your homework you will find your stress levels maxed out. Avoid all the extra hassle and cut down on your activities. There is no way you can participate and do everything you want to so make  a list of your priorities and the activities you enjoy the most and then select a few off of the list. You will still want to leave open some extra room on your schedule so when un-expected events crop up you can still have time to complete all of your necessary and prioritized tasks and chores.

Have Fun

The number one thing you need to do in high school is to have fun. You will not enjoy every aspect of high school but if you are enjoying school over all then you are doing well. You need to take the time to enjoy high school because you are only young once. If you hate school then you need to develop some new friends and some new activities to help keep school enjoyable. Nothing can motivate you to go to school like getting a new girlfriend.

Do Not Be a Bully

You do not like being picked-on so don’t bully other students. High school is a time when you should develop friendships with a wide-variety of people regardless of their ethnicity or socio0economic background. The same boys you pick on today may be important business partners down the road. How do you think the guys who picked on Bill Gates feel now that he is a billionaire and very successful. Yep, they should have been nice to him in high school and then they could have developed business relationships with him down their road. Always be looking to the future.

You also do not want to make fun of the fat girls because once high school is over all the fat girls become skinny and all of the skinny girls seem to get fat. That fat girl you make fun of today may grow up to be a beautiful woman who you would love to date. If you picked on her when she was fat then she will not give you the time of day but if you were always nice to her and stuck up for her when others were picking-on her then she will definitely let you have a date with her in the future when she becomes  a sexy goddess.


Sports are an intricate part of high schools everywhere and it is vital that you take the time to either participate in sports or at least go and support your sport teams. Cheerleading is a sport and so is football. Be a “sport” and support your spots teams. You will also be able to develop numerous memories of the fun times you had at the games and the new students you got to hang out with.


You will always need to be constantly adapting to your new situations until you feel that you fit in the way you want to. You need to have the ability and willingness to adapt to new and ever-changing situations. If you cannot adapt to new situations then you will struggle immensely at high school. If you are not flexible with things that occur in high school then you will miss out on many opportunities and struggle much more than is necessary. Go with the flow and enjoy life.