Choosing a good password is an important for everyone's daily tech life.

Here are the some basic tips on choosing a secure-password.

  • Do not use your girl friend/boy friend or husband/wife's name.
  • Dont use 'i love you' words in your password string. Because that is the most common-password string and the attacker can easily guess.
  • Don't use your email id, mobile number SSI number or any other identification characters.
  • Keep different characters in your login credential such as un usual cases, special characters, numbers. It should be the mixture of all them.
  • Use Leet language if possible. Check the following chart to convert to your login-password to leet language :


Eleet chart 1337

If you want keep the string - 'my secret string', your leet converted string would be as 'my 53cr37 57r1n9'.

Info : The Leet is also known as Eleet, 31337.

Dos in selecting your secret string

Here are some do's in selecting your login secret string: 

  • Keep it 8 to 20 characters.
  • Have an un usual string so that it is hard to guess even by someone who is very close to you.
  • Try to select a non - dictionary word.
  • Use un usual cases. E. g. : i lOvE mY sTyLe.
  • Make sure that your login-password has words which are not yet all related to you and your likes. Hackers may guess your string once they come to aware of your likes and dislikes, your passions, your girl friend or boy friend name etc.

Some Don'ts in selecting your passwords :

  • Do not keep a plain same cases words.
  • Do not have your telephone numbers as your login credential.
  • Don't keep your words that explains your passion or likes.
  • Never share your login strings with any others in any situation. If it happened that you ought to share, change your password immediately finishing that work.

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