Party setting

It can be very gratifying to serve your friends, families and loved ones especially during the Christmas holidays. Taking some time to share food, entertainment and laughter in fun and festive ways is truly a part of the spirit of Christmas.

When deciding to hold a party at home, among the first things to consider is determining whether it will be a formal or an informal event. Among the key matters that demands careful consideration are the number of persons attending, the food and its preparation, and the Christmas themed decoration that fits the holiday festivities. It's also necessary to know who among your friends or family members will be available you out if needed.

Formal Party Tips

A formal Christmas party would probably include a rather small number of individuals - ideally not more than 12 or fewer - who can be seated at a table for the length of the meal. It calls for an arranged seating and a decision made on the type formal meal that be served. Will be a three- or four-course dinner, or your ethnic traditional formal way of menu and service?

One advantage of a formal dinner is its organization, it has a carefully planned content and everybody around the table generally participates in the pleasant conversation. It usually gives a great opportunity to get acquainted with and hear from everyone who is present without needing to initiate any private small talk, which some persons are not comfortable doing.

As the host of a formal dinner party, you have the responsibility of keeping the food smoothly flowing by having each course served at the appropriate moment and to also be mindful of any special dietary needs that a guest may have.

Informal Party Tips

An informal Christmas party at home is coordinated in a different fashion and does not carry the methodical nature of a formal one. The fun and merry liveliness of an informal holiday party is exuded by groups of individuals who lounge around, mingle freely to exchange conversations and jokes, laugh and delight in munching on Christmas treats, goodies and other party foods.

Despite the easygoing, fun-filled ambiance, it is still important to plan the use of the venue and to take into consideration the area that the people will use or the limitations on the places where they can wander around. This type of plan will facilitate mingling between party attendees so that the festive spirit will spread everywhere and keep participants in a merrier mood.

Another matter to consider in an informal Christmas party among family and friend is the possibility of the presence of children including and their ages, if they are part of the party. Children, even older ones, will need supervision. If children are invited to attend a holiday party at home, arrangements must be made for appropriate supervision for them. Special activities must also be provided to keep them occupied so they can enjoy the party as well.

An important feature of a festive Christmas party at home is the good choice of music. When selecting Christmas music, it is advisable to be played at the beginning of the party as guests arrive are the songs that enhance a cheerful atmosphere and later may be used to create the proper mood as the partygoers bid each other farewell with greetings of 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays.'

Together with the music, Christmas ornaments as well as the food can also help keep a lively Christmas party at home. Lovely looking food and table setting brings a warm and happy feeling among guests which also adds a fascinating element to the level of fun and excitement of the party attendees.

Christmas parties at home may also be personalized with specially designed cookies, treats and unique dishes. The presence of some traditional or ethnic food, but not in an overwhelming quantity, will add a special touch that is both unique and unforgettable. A Christmas or holiday party at home is all about entertaining family, friends and new acquaintances with a personal flair while everyone will find delight in the merry season of goodwill and good cheer.