Ways to Display Photographs in Your Home

Decorating With Pictures

photographs on wallCredit: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2071/2071198533_e574872416.jpg

People enjoy seeing photographs showed in pretty frames and this is a rather inexpensive accessory. A grouping of different-size frames on an occasional table or on a mantelpiece over the fireplace readily personalizes a home.

Creating a Theme

You can put together a collage of photos taken on, let's say, a family vacation. Buy picture frames that can hold at least six photos.  In this way you have a complete story in one frame that presents that particular family event. This could be any special occasion like Christmas get-together or a birthday. The idea of displaying various photos in one frame is a decent twist on a common theme.

Photo Gift Ideas

1. Put together a collage of personal items, like dad's watch, dad's lucky coin, perhaps a favorite photograph. The items may even be three-dimensional. Take them to a copy center with scanning capabilities and they can create a print suitable for framing. You could personalize a picture with all kinds of meaningful items from a picnic, a day at the beach, a trip, or a special event. For instance, take a piece of flower, lace, a feather, any collectible, and have a photo done of your arrangement. Add a saying, thought, or names and give it to somebody on his or her special day.

2. Have somebody's picture laid over onto the front of a favorite magazine. For example, put him on Newsweek or a sports magazine using your own caption underneath.

3. If you have an old photograph of your grandfather, you can have a new photo done of you and your grandfather together coming from two separate photos. Or, if you have a group shot with a family member or friend in it, they can select that one person and enlarge just his or her image. You can be imaginative using old photographs, as well, by touching then up to be different.

4. Got a picture of your darling weekend fisherman holding his petite catch of the day? The fish can in fact be enlarged in the photo (having the fisherperson next to it) so it's the size of the fish that got away—as a matter of fact, bigger!

5. If somebody you know is an amateur athlete, cut out a banner headline of a world-famous person and employ it to go with his or her photo.

6. Is your significant other bald or somewhat overweight? Some people delight in the slight alteration of their photos with the use of software. It's a breeze to add some hair, slim down a person, or even change a frown into a smile. Lend some muscles while you're at it. Got a photo where the entire family looks great, except for dad? That can be changed so that dad is the best-looking guy in the bunch! Others on the would gladly have a photo displayed as long as everyone is smiling regardless of figure or lack of hair.

7. An aspiring bestselling author? Turn that person into somebody of his or her dreams in a heartbeat using your own version of The New York Times bestseller list, modified with own book title and name as that person’s name as the author.

8. A blowup of any photograph is an inexpensive gift. In fact, have a poster created of the number one man in your life.

9. You can even make a person president of any country! Just modify the Commander-in-Chief's face.

10. Search for interesting frames for any size photo you've made. And lastly, if a photo of your family isn't precisely what you had in mind, consider framing a photograph that you buy at a local camera shop. There are hundreds to select from and they are super affordable. Pick a photograph of something that holds special meaning to your family.