When you have made the decision to get pregnant, you should get pregnant instantly. Patience is another important factor in baby making theory. If you are having regular sex with your partner then you should wait for the good news. But sometimes, baby making seems to be a difficult task for most of the couples. Although, it is better to consult your doctor but there are also several healthy and natural ways to maximize your chances of pregnancy. Here are some useful tips for you.

  1. Plan out your foreplay

Concentrate more on foreplay before having an intercourse. Make sure that your vaginal wall is naturally lubricated to enhance the performance of the sperm. If you will adopt artificial techniques like synthetic lubricants, you will almost reduce your chances to get conceive quickly.

  1. Take Folic Acid Regularly

0.4 mg of folic acid each day will reduce your chances of neural tube defect and you will almost have a safe pregnancy therefore it's good to take folic acid regularly before you actually conceive.

  1. Have a sex during your ovulation period

Frequent sexual acts at the time of fertility will give you better chances to conceive promptly. Therefore, it is important for a female to be aware of her ovulation period precisely in order to conceive quickly. If you do not know exactly about your ovulation cycle you can use ovulation prediction kit (OPK) or a pregnancy monitor as well.

  1. Have a sex before Ovulation

It is important to understand that the good sexual timings play a vital role in the odds of conceiving. A women's egg can only survive for 24 hours where as the sperm from male can live for approximately 3 to 5 days. If a couple plans out a sex two days before an ovulation period then they will have more chances of fertility.

  1. Do Yoga or Learn Meditation

Physical exercises like yoga and mediation helps you a lot to gain control over your body. Stress can be the most killing factor that can hinder you from getting pregnant therefore do yoga or meditation quiet often if you want to conceive quickly.

  1. Do not Douche

Do not douche right after the sex because douching can change the internal natural vaginal environment which is good for the movement of sperm.

  1. Cut down your Coffee and Alcohol intake

Coffee and alcohol contains caffeine which can make difficult for you to getting pregnant therefore it's better to quit coffee and alcohol so that you can enjoy your maximum chances of getting pregnant quickly.

  1. Consult your Gynecologist before you trying to get pregnant

Regular appointment with your gynecologist will help you to get to know whether your physical condition is good enough for you to get pregnant or not. Your health provider or gynecologist will also help you to find out the causes of infertility with the help of ultrasound or through blood test. It's possible that your gynecologist may ask your partner for the semen test as well.