Experienced fishermen understand that quality travel fishing rods are essential to having fishing success. They are great for transporting during weekend getaways, spontaneous fishing trips, and camping vacations. Recent statistics show that their popularity has increased within recent years.

These unique rods are light and compact, but they are efficient and effective. There are various types of rods on the market that are created for travelers. Most of the models have all of the same vital characteristics that are found in conventional versions.

Do you enjoy fly fishing? Do you like to travel and spend your time in the outdoors? Are you interested in purchasing a wonderful gift for a relative or family friend? Answering yes to these questions qualify you as someone that should strongly consider purchasing this unique rod.

Some people frown upon the idea of using these compact rods, but they are able to reel in various types of fish with ease. Is any assembly required after purchase? Yes, some rods require assembly.

How to pick a travel fishing rod ? This is a common question that is asked by thousands daily. Selecting a quality rod is not as challenging as some may think. Let's take a look at a few tips that can help you select a good rod.


There are many rod manufacturers that product their own version of this small and strong rod. Some manufacturers have an excellent reputation for producing exceptional products while other manufacturers have a notorious reputation for producing poor products. It is prudent for you to stick with manufacturers that have been around for a very long time. An employee at a rod and tackle shop will be able to point you in the right direction.

Resistance to Breakage

It is important that you go with a rod that is resistant to breakage. Trying to reel in a large fish can put a tremendous amount of pressure on a rod. The rod can break easily if it is not made out of durable materials. Test the rod for durability by bending it back and forth. The rod should bend with ease and return to its normal state. Avoid purchasing any rod that does not behave well during this simple test.


An exceptional traveling rod will come with a case. The case will protect the rod from any potential damage. The case will also enable the user to transport the rod with ease.