If you want to become a lawyer, you need to begin preparations as soon as possible. In order to become a lawyer you need to complete an undergraduate degree in a field which is relative such as psychology, business, political science, etc… After this, you must study and pass the LSAT which is a preparatory exam. If you have completed this you can apply for law school. If accepted, you must then decide on a course of study. There are many fields of law in which you can achieve your Juris Doctorate, or JD. Many of these will take around three years to complete. After the complete of a JD and graduation from law school, you must take and pass the bar exam for the state in which you want to practice.

Getting accepted into Law School

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In order to get into law school and to become a lawyer, you must prepare for all examinations and receive high marks. Realistically determine the amount of time you will need between now and the time of the test to accomplish this goal. If you find that it is actually unnatural for you to bring a grade of a D to an A in one week, and then revise the goal to something more realistic such as bringing the D to a C. Once this is done, make plans to study at least three weeks before the exam. Cramming, while a nice method for flying by a course with the bare minimum, it is not actually helpful in learning the material. Make sure to prioritize and allow more study time for those courses wherein you have the biggest goals. Make sure you study in your specific study area and plan for breaks. If you find yourself worked too hard and are not absorbing anything during your study session, then stop. It is a waste of time to force yourself to re-read things which are not helping you.

Study habits for Law School

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Find the materials that you will need to best study and accomplish your goal to become a lawyer. The professors will likely tell you what the test will cover so that you can review those chapters, books, sections, readers, and review older quizzes or homework assignments or lecture notes. When reviewing lecture notes or the text book, make sure you reword the content for yourself. This way you will know that you understood the material. If you can’t explain it to someone else in your own words, then it wasn’t stored in your long-term memory.

The cost of your JD program

You need to determine the cost of a JD program and explore ways to pay for a JD program when you want to become a lawyer. This includes reviewing financial aid for your education.

After your graduation


Once you have graduated you should begin making a list of job opportunities, and after you have taken and passed the state bar exam, you should begin writing your resumes and preparing for interviews. It is important that you focus on careers suited to your JD and decide upon your life path.


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In order to become a lawyer you need to be successful in completing an undergraduate degree, followed by receiving high marks on the LSAT. Once this is done you can earn acceptance into law school and receive your JD.