It's easy to eat healthy food every day to lose weight and become fitter, happier and improve your life all round. Eating for fitness and to shed that excess weight does not have to be hard work and you don't have to count calories at every meal. Basically it just takes a bit of common sense and a desire to want to be fitter and look better. The process of fitness starts immediately all it takes is for you to start, but before you do you need a basic outline of what needs to happen.

Plan your meals around the basic good eating principles of keeping 80% of what you eat being fresh, unprocessed food from nature. This might sound boring to some but what is surprising is the bountiful morsels that nature has to offer us and you will not be lacking for flavor. Have several different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner for your weekly menu and make sure you have your pantry/freezer well stocked so you can have it at your finger tips.

Morning tea around 10am and afternoon tea around 3pm should consist of something light that will keep your sugar levels up and sustain you until it's time for your next deliciously healthy and nutritious main meal.

Healthy Food Every Day to Lose Weight - Breakfast Tips:

Poached or scrambled eggs (one if poaching, two if scrambling) on a piece of rye or spelt bread

Something with a low GI that is on the heavier side of the grains means it is less processed and contains more live vitamans and minerals that will feed your body with energy until you are ready for the next meal. Porridge (cooked oats) is a good choice also choose the traditional variety not the quick-cook or 'flavored' variety. These are not good for you - they are full of empty calories and things your body does not have any use for if you want to feel good and look good. Make sure you do not add honey or sugar or any other sweetener, with the exception of unsweetened tinned or fresh fruit- this makes it taste heavenly and it is healthy food that will have you on the rewarding road of fitness and health. Unsweetened tinned pears, peaches or fruit salad a banana, a handful of frozen blueberries along with a few chia seeds are fantastic choices that will not see you eating the same thing day in and day out and have you on the way to feeling fabulous. Another good tip especially if you are pressed for time some mornings is to warm up a tin of unflavoured baked beans (stovetop please the microwave will deplete the nutrients) and serve them on top of your toasted rye or spelt bread and enjoy.

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Healthy Food Every Day to Lose Weight: Morning tea

This is easy. If you are out and about take an apple or buy a bag of unsalted, roasted cashews or almonds or other nuts. if you like mix in a few sunflower seeds and sultanas pack them into small airtight containers and carry one or two in your bag. This is really important as nothing will steer your car in the direction of the bakery or drive-through faster than if you are caught without something healthy on hand when it is a morning or afternoon snack time. 2 or 3 Rye crackers or a plain low fat cracker with a little avocado is a great snack as well.

Healthy Food Every Day to Lose Weight: Lunch tips

There are so many great ideas for a healthy lunch that will lead to your fitness and good health, and here are but a few. Get a small container and slice a banana into it top with 1/2 a cup of natural yoghurt, with no additives of course, top with either a sliced kiwi fruit or a handful or frozen blueberries sprinkle some chia seeds over the top and let your lunch take you to the road of good health!

Salad and a small/medium lean piece of meat can come in lots of different ways. I cook a chicken breast fillet or some beef strips on the café grill (sandwich maker) chop them up and toss them through a mix of cucumber, tomato, basil or coriander and a few lettuce leaves, top with a balsamic vinegar …delicious and wonderfully healthy!

In colder weather a soup can warm you up and sustain you like nothing else. Try making a batch on the weekend and take it in a flask to work for lunch or dinner .

Stay right away from foods that have additives. For a healthy choice from the fresh food section and there will likely be a fresh, organic unprocessed option there.

Rye crackers with a tin of flavoured tuna, topped with some sliced tomato is easy to pack into a container and have ready to go as well. The ideas are endless just use your imagination and eat well…


Healthy Food Every Day to Lose Weight: Dinner Tips

Dinner is similar to lunch in that you can combine any lean meat with either steamed vegetables or a salad and a jacket potato. My favorite is a piece of salmon (available in a packet from frozen section or fresh from the fish market for those near the coast) cooked well served over plenty of nice steamed vegetables which vary every night but go for heaps of greens and broccoli is the base as it is an amazing anti-cancer food and should be an everyday staple in everyone's diet( wash several times or buy organic as it is sprayed fairly heavily with pesticides).

Don't forget the soup option make some and keep a batch in the fridge or freeze meal size portions so it's there when you are too busy to think about preparing food.

Additional tips for successfully eating health food for weight loss…

  • Carry water and drink it wherever you go…not only is it fantastic for your health but it helps prevent hunger between meals.
  • Try and have a rough plan in your head for your weekly menu so you can have all the ingredients ready to go and KEEP IT SIMPLE - stay away from time-consuming dishes( unless you are a budding master- chef and love it then go for it!) and complex ingredients.
  • Walk everywhere you can.
  • Always choose food that is unprocessed and the way nature has provided it for example meat, fruit vegetables, nuts and yoghurt that is unflavored. The above tips, combined with a minimum of three to five thirty minutes of aerobic activity each week will assist you in reaching your goal weight and feeling fantastic.
  • Cook enough at your evening meal to store it for lunch the next day that's means you only have to think about planning meals twice a day.
  • Carry snacks like an apple and a container of mixed nuts/dried fruits with you to avoid snacking on the wrong foods.