Choosing a reliable UV air purifiers

Disease prevention: using ultraviolet air purifiers

With diseases spreading like wildfire everywhere, it pays to have a disinfectant system that is reliable and dependable. Here is where ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers come in. UV air purifiers work by breaking the small molecular bonds of germs, bacteria, fungi, and molds which cause illness and other types of sickness. Ultraviolet light has just the right amount of energy to destroy some types of micro-organisms.

UV light has long been proven to effectively disinfect air and water. Consequently, more and more companies are now manufacturing UV air purifiers to meet the demands of the increasingly growing health-conscious public. These air purifiers are quite effective in the prevention of the recurrence of asthma, some types of allergies and respiratory diseases. The US Air Institute of Respiratory Education underlines the importance of installing UV air purifiers in households, office buildings, and some other areas where respiratory infections are prevalent. The purifiers are proven weapons to control the growth of surface and airborne microbes.

So how do we find the best ultraviolet (UV) air filters? Choose a purifier with lots of reliable features to offer. Be sure that it has components and filters that meet industry standards. Some air purifiers have built-in sensor technology which lets you know when to replace the filters with new ones. Features which would be great to find in a UV purifier are the existence of low-cost replacement filters, germicidal UV lamps to quickly destroy microbes, and ionizers that neutralize bacteria and some other airborne particles.

It is a plus that your UV air filters are energy efficient to avoid high electric bills. Try to look for something which has a quiet operation control setting so that it wouldn't be a disturbance in a room where you sleep or taking a rest. An air purifier which has been awarded with ETL certification should be one of you top choices in buying one. It means that the product has meet product safety standards for use in home and office premises.

Some air purifiers of this kind do not come in cheap. Product prices for UV air purifiers may range from $150 to more than a thousand depending on the brand and its quality. One simple tip is to search for this product online in Amazon or eBay to have one for a bargain price. Be sure to check the trustworthiness of the seller first before purchasing one. Although some of these products are expensive, it is illogical to compromise your health and that of your family members with indecision whether to buy or not. It is a always a good decision to take into consideration the welfare of your family's health first.