Bartending jobs are one of the most sought after positions in the service industry. Of course there is a reason it has earned this status, not only is the job entertaining and fast-paced, you can easily earn hundreds in tips each night. Although bartending will require unique training and expertise, there are additional efforts you can make as you pursue this entertaining field.

Your Attitude

There may be 50 job seekers or there could be 2, whatever competition you stand against when applying for the job, it is your individuality that stands out as the greatest factor over which you have the ability to manipulate. Use it to your advantage by being positive and entertaining. Charm the interviewer and show them that although the next candidate might have more experience, you have right mindset and personality for the position.

Do Not Show Up Dressed Down

You simply need to dress according to the bartenders who currently work at the bar. Should you be turning your application into a top tier club or bar, be sure to wear a formal outfit. When you're looking to get hired at a smaller more casual bar a nice polo and some dressy jeans will do just fine. Always make sure you look clean and hirable.

You may even want to aim to look just slightly better than their present bartenders. It sends a good message. Keep in mind that these guidelines need to be followed even on the occasion when you're just picking up an application. You in no way can predict if the general manager will be present and want to introduce himself to you in order to fill an immediate opening.

Be Aggressive

Heading to the bar and turning in a completed application is simply the first step in the process. Shortly following this, go to the bar and request to speak to the hiring manager. Be direct and show you're interest in the position. Don't be afraid to be persistent with out being annoying. Be inquisitive about what it takes to be a bartender here. Show them that you are the one for the position and are accessible to begin working immediately. After you've interviewed, wait a few days prior to inquiring with a telephone call. A follow-up call can add weight to their decision by showing persistenance.

Turn A Completed Application and Resume in to Many Locations

At the moment, the application process should be treated like a job. Visit as many potential bars as you possibly can and turn in your application and resume. You are much more likely to get the position if you increase your odds. Give your self a better chance and put your information in front of as many hiring managers as you are able to. Don't quit until you get a position!

You Can Do It!

You will find hundreds of bartending resources if you do a simple search online. Even if you're looking for your 1st job mixing or you have several years of experience, finding a job is all about your ambition. If you are constantly out there applying, the job offers will come to you. It truly is up to you if you want to begin bartending. Getting your foot in the door by volunteering some of your free time should be an option as well. It gives them a chance to feel you out and familiarize yourself with the bar.

Bartending School

If all else fails consider paying for bartending school or beginning in a restaurant as a barback or busser. When a bartending spot opens up, it is usually these positions who are offered the job first. It may not be your first choice, but think of it as a means to an end.