Colombia is a country blessed with endless natural beauty, and especially so when it comes to its women. Some of the most desirable women in the world are Colombian; from Sonia Uribe and Paula Garcés to the stunning Jeymmy Vargas, the list is endless. You too can find your sexy siren in Colombia, but there are some unique traits that you have to know and understand to successfully romance a Colombian girl.

Understand her country

It is very important to know Latin American geography and culture, if you want a Colombian beauty to take you seriously. Colombian girls appreciate a man who knows the difference between Paraguay and Uruguay, and is knowledgeable in other world affairs. If you come across as an ignorant oaf, you are unlikely to be worth her time, and she will let you know it.

Love music and learn to dance

Colombian culture is heavily oriented in its tunes, and Colombian girls love their music, and love to dance. It is no surprise that some of the World’s most famous singers and dancers, such as Shakira, Danna Garcia and Angelica Casañas are Colombian. It goes without saying that to catch the attention of a Colombian dating girl, you have to know how to dance and appreciate Latin music. Taking classes in meringue, salsa or mambo, as well as freestyle club dancing is a must if you want to win her affections. A perfect night out for a Colombian girl is incomplete without dancing at a party or her favorite club.

Be stylish and flamboyant

There are few things more attractive to a Colombian woman than a man with a sense of style. You need to be flamboyant to pique her inborn need for flavor in her life, which influences her taste when it comes to men as well. You will need to adapt and be a bit dressier than you are used to. Wear a catchy, but well fitting outfit that accentuates your masculine features and shows off your creative side whenever you go out with a Colombian Dating girl.

Let your romantic side shine through

Every Colombian Single girl expects her man to be gentle and romantic. Avoid trying to rush her, get to know her dreams and what she likes or dislikes. Touch her gently when she lets you, and be kind to people you meet. She will notice this and appreciate how considerate you are. Small gestures like: opening the door for her, pulling her a chair at a restaurant, offering to pay for her meal, bringing her roses or small gifts will bring out your romantic side and she will love you more for it.

Respect her family

Respect a Colombian girl’s family and her traditions. Colombian families tend to be very close knit and extend beyond her immediate relatives. They are also often deeply religious and they expect things to be done the right way. Nothing puts off a Colombian girl faster than a disrespectful, inconsiderate man. If you are dating a Colombian single girl, her family will eventually get to know about you. Meeting her relatives may seem a bit intimidating at first, but they will probably be eager and glad to see you.

Colombian dating are adventurous and colorful, with an outgoing personality. To get their attention, you will require a bit of work on your part. With the right moves, you will leave them wanting to know more about you after you first date.