Many aspiring truckers see the ads for the CR England lease program and get excited about the big money they can make. Much of this enthusiasm wanes when they begin searching for more information. It seems as if the vast majority of the people who leased a truck as part of the CR England lease program failed.  The trucking forums are loaded with people who are disgusted with CRE These people not only were not successful with the lease program but also lost money. Why did these people fail?  Here are some tips on how you can make money with the  program.

Money Management

The number one reason that drivers failed with the CR-England lease program is because they do not manage their money properly. As a lease operator you are truly running your own business. Just because you may earn a lot of money does not mean that you can spend it all. If you are spending hundred dollars on food and toys each day from the truck stops then you will rapidly be broke. They will loan you some money so you can buy yourself some food and showers and they will take it out of your next settlement check. Many drivers get in the habit of constantly taking draws and then they complain when they receive their minuscule checks.

Equipment Care and Maintenance

As a lease operator driver one of you largest expenses will be maintenance of your tractor trailer. If you inspect your semi and keep up on any maintenance issues then you will save money in the long run. Maintenance issues will always cost you a large amount of money but an inexperienced driver who is grinding gears and smoking brakes will end up paying much more for maintenance. Learn to drive properly and take care of your rig.

Work Hard and Do Not Hang Out in the Truck Stops

Do not hang out in the truck stops. Yes you have your mandatory reset hours and you need to eat, shower and fuel-up but many truckers seem to spend a lot of time socializing in the truck stops. As a lease purchase owner operator who is new to trucking you may get lonely at times and desire some socializing with other people, but it should never come at the expense of your job. You job, your business, is to drive the truck and if you are not driving the truck then you are not making money.

Accept Loads

Part of working hard is taking all loads that come your way. Instead of turning down a load and waiting for something more desirable simply take the load. I do not care if the load is for 1,000 miles or 50 miles. It does not matter if your load is heavier than normal or oversized. You should always be accepting loads. If you can develop a good relationship with your dispatcher you will rapidly become the “go to guy” for loads that other drivers turn down. This will keep you busy putting miles on your truck and earning more money. You will also get a lot of experience and the hard loads will soon become easier loads. Many drivers will avoid New York City. Yes driving a semi truck into New York City can be extremely stressful and hard, it will get easier each time you do it. There are many drivers that specialize in driving into New York City. These drivers have delivered into New York City so much that it is second nature to them.

Keep your dispatcher happy and if freight slows down and the dispatcher only has one high paying load then they will be more apt to give it to you as opposed the trucker who always whines, gripes, and refuses loads they do not like.

Home Time

Yes you will get home time but you should not expect it. As a lease program driver with the CR. England lease  you need to be putting a lot of miles on the truck. You cannot make money if you are sitting at home and you cannot make money if it has to deadhead you for hundreds of miles to get you home. You should plan on driving heavily when you begin the CR- England and not expect to get home very often and never on a regular basis. Once you complete the lease program and buy your truck outright then you can begin spending some time at home.


Although the CR England has and continues to be a great program for many drivers, it is not for everybody. You need to work hard and be able to manage your trucking business in addition to driving. You need to do your own research to verify for yourself if the CR England lease plan is for you or not.

If you are lazy then they CR England lease plan is not for you. Read up on the CR England lease program reviews. Most of the lease program reviews you read will be negative and this is partially because the successful drivers are out on the road earning money as opposed to sitting at the truck stops surfing the internet and griping about CR England.

It will allow almost anyone to earn their CDL and then get their own business by leasing a truck. You can earn a lot of money with CRE but you need to manage your money properly and be able to drive hard.

Read the Contract

Many drivers get upset with certain terms of the truck lease program. Sure you may get a few CR England recruiters who gloss over some of the costs and only talk about the rates they pay out; however, you should always read the contract and learn what you are signing on for before you sign the agreement. All of the terms are listed in the contract and it would behoove you to read it.

Many people on the Internet like to shout out that CR England is a scam company. If CR England truly scammed all of their lease operators then the lease program would cease to operate. If you are willing to work hard, follow the advice of other successful CR England lease operators, manage your money, keep on top of the paperwork, and not hang out at the truck stops then you may be an ideal candidate for the CR England lease program. If you cannot successfully manage all aspects of your trucking business then you should simply stick to being a company driver.

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