Mixed Martial Arts is quite possibly the hardest sport to predict who is going to win. In MMA, a random variable that gets thrown into your prediction can be the deciding factor in the outcome of the fight. Whereas in other sports, if a random external factor gets thrown in, it doesn't necessarily have any effect on the final outcome due to the fact that the affected team usually has time to get back on track and still win the game. The random variables that can happen in MMA are much more capable of changing a seemingly likely outcome because MMA matches can end at any time, in the blink of an eye.

"Anything can happen in MMA" - seems to be the most used phrase among predictors. A wrestler can knock out a striker, a striker can submit a grappler. Things like flash knockouts, pre-existing injuries and illnesses, conditioning, careless mistakes, bad gameplans, and sudden improvements in skill - or lack thereof - can make MMA matches nearly impossible to predict.

Nowadays, it's rare to have a match-up where you feel 100% comfortable betting on a fighter. With so many flukish upsets happening lately, and the level of dedication some fighters possess, it's become apparent anybody can beat anybody. However, there are ways to increase your confidence in your predictions and bets. In this article I will discuss the best ways to go about making a prediction you feel comfortable putting money on. Barring any random external factors and variables that may play a part, predicting who wins an MMA fight can be relatively easy after some practice and learning from your mistakes. Try using these methods and see how well you do next UFC event.

Do Some Research

The first step to making your predictions is to do some research on each fighter's background. Look up their fight history and see who they have beaten or lost to and how. Find out what style each fighter uses and how much experience they have in it. Also, check to see if that fighter has won any awards for any of their disciplines, and watch videos of their previous fights.

Compare & Contrast

After getting a good idea of each fighter's background, you need to take a few moments to compare and contrast their styles and records. These are just a few examples of the questions one needs to ask themselves while comparing the two:

  • Does one fighter have a stellar record while the others is just so-so?
  • Does one fighter show a trend of losing by submission while the other is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion?
  • Does one fighter have a weak chin while the other is known as a solid striker?
  • Does one fighter have a bunch of wins over nobodies while the other has a few wins over top ranked opponents?
  • Is one fighter considerably larger than the other?
  • Does either fighter seem to be past his prime?

Make sure to take into account the quality of opponents each fighter has faced, how big they are for their weight class, and their camps.

Stay Updated

Check online every day for any recent news or interviews pertaining to the fighters. Sometimes you can get a general idea of what a fighter's gameplan is going to be by keeping up with MMA news sites. You can also find out if any injuries or illnesses are plaguing the fighters. By doing this you should reduce the amount of unexpected variables that play into certain fights.

Discuss On A Forum

Now that you have gathered up as much information by yourself, the best thing to do is to discuss your thoughts on a forum with thousands of other MMA fans. Register a free account at a site like www.mmaforum.com or www.sherdog.net and start discussing. These sites are extremely helpful because not only do you get a bunch of differing opinions and reasoning to help you make up your mind, but the fans on these sites are very knowledgable and also are quick to post new interviews or news on fighters. Without going to a forum and getting other opinions, you're likely to make an uneducated prediction.

Draw Your Conclusion

By now you've probably spent a great deal of time analyzing your predictions, and it's time to make your final decision. Take into account everything you have learned thus far, and any external factors that may be likely, and try your best to make an unbiased, educated prediction. If all goes as planned, you might just make a correct prediction, and that always feels great. But don't get discouraged if you're wrong, because hey - it is MMA afterall. Anything can happen.

* Remember that predicting the outcome of an MMA fight is never fool-proof. Anything can happen in MMA and you might be surprised at how some fights go complete opposite of what you expected.