Attending a university and going to college can be one of the biggest transitions in your life. College is not like elementary or middle school where you can just wing it and still have good grades.  The pressure that comes with going to college is excessive too.  This might be the first time that you will be away from home and your parents.  You will most likely find it difficult to adjust to the new environment - living in the dorm or an apartment and managing your time and money.  Plus your student loan, if you have one, isn’t something to joke about.

Here are some tips that have been proven effective through years of knowledge and experience.

Know the Place

If you’re going to study in a university located in a bigCollege 1Credit: city, let’s say New York, it will greatly help if you know the place.  Familiarizing yourself beforehand with the streets, restaurants, malls and even the subway system will become extremely useful when you get there. According to others, the subway system is tricky and they have had a hard time just trying to get from one place to another.  So go on, buy a map or go online to check out the city and become familiarized with it.  You can also look for a laundry shop, restaurants or fast food joints and grocery stores which are within the vicinity of your dorm or apartment.

Always Keep a Schedule

It would be beneficial for you to always keep a schedule.  Buy a daily planner that you can use for the whole year or even a small notebook will do.  Jot down everything that you need to do as well as the date and time for a particular activity so that you won’t forget.  This can also be your to-do list so that you can keep track of whatever you have to do for the day.  Assignments, group projects and exams should also be included in this list so that whenever you enter the classroom, you will be ready and prepared.

Remember Your Priorities

College 2Credit: entered the university to study and get a degree, not to party all night long or to date everyone that you think is hot.  Focus on your priorities and try to stay on track throughout your college life.  Choose your friends wisely so that you will not be exposed to any bad influences in school.  I’m not saying that you should be a party pooper but everything has its own place and time.  Know your priorities well because it will be helpful in making the right decisions.

Manage Your Resources

Whether you get allowance from your parents or you have a part-time job, your money is hard-earned money.  Every week or month, go to the grocery store andCollege 3Credit: buy the things you need.  Take note, NEED not WANT.  Buy your necessities and if you have money left, it’s not wrong to indulge yourself in pizza or chocolate.  Just remember to keep your meals as balanced as possible.  Eat in your school’s cafeteria and refrain from ordering take-outs from fast food joints, unless you have no other choice.  Be sure to always have emergency cash in your wallet or in your room.  You might not know when you’ll need it.  Try to save up at least 10 percent of your allowance per week or month.

Going to college is hard but if you try to examine things, you’ll realize when you graduate that the benefits will certainly outweigh the costs.