Bike messengers are often exposed to different kinds of danger, considering that they spend most of their time on the roads. Many of them have been injured or have died due to accidents caused by negligent drivers. In fact, statistics revealed that to two three bike messengers die annually because of their involvement in a road crash.

Because they are constantly in danger while performing their duties, the law strictly protects them against negligent drivers and entitles them to recover monetary damages, which can be used while they are trying to recover from the incident.

In order for bike messengers to maximize their chances of being compensated, they are advised to do the following after an accident:

Stay at the accident area

You should stay at the accident area and wait for the authorities to get there so that your side of the story will be included in the police report. Remember to tell them everything that you are feeling at the moment, though you think that your injuries are not that serious. Do not ignore even a little bump on your head because minor injuries can develop into a severe one later on and may cause permanent damage if not immediately treated.

Seek medical treatment and document all of your injuries

Seeking medical treatment is the first thing that you should do after the accident. In addition, take pictures of your injuries because they might be useful during the investigation.

Document everything you know about the accident

Try to make a mental note about the circumstances surrounding the accident including what happened, where the accident happened, what triggered it to happen, the flow of traffic prior to it, road conditions, and weather conditions. Remember to write down everything as soon as you can.

Get the driver's contact information

You should not forget to ask the vehicle driver's name, address, contact numbers, insurance details, and vehicle and driver's license number.

Look for witnesses

Try to get the name, address, and contact details of the people who have seen the accident. Their testimony will greatly help in proving that you are not at fault in the incident.

Acquire legal assistance

You may have a hard time establishing the driver's fault due to the different legal issues that are involved in the process. In order for you to have a higher chance of winning your case and being compensated, it is advisable that you acquire legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer. This expert will do the following for you:

  • Represent you during hearings

  • Talk to the driver's insurance company

  • Gather the evidence needed to prove the other driver's negligence