The job market has completely tanked for many people. In the United States and the United Kingdom we look at how crappy our job market has become and wonder what we as individuals can do about it. We are not necessarily trying to improve the job market for everyone, but we do want to ensure that we have ourselves and our family covered by having a good job. Here are some of the top things we can do to ensure we can get a good job.

Get a Crappy Job

Often the first step to getting a good career in a bad economy is to get a crappy job-role. You might have a college degree and a lot of experience but if you cannot get any experience in your field then you are screwed. The way around this is to get a job, any job. You might end up literally flipping burgers at McDonalds but at least you will be working. The reason for taking a crappy job is that when you are out of work it seems like you can never find a job but once you get working steadily a lot of other job opportunities will open up.


If you have some money saved up or are receiving some type of unemployment compensation then you can afford to do some volunteer work. If you volunteer somewhere such as the Senior Citizens Center then you can also network and meet all types of new people outside of the normal circle of people you run with. Most of these senior citizens will be retired but if they get to know you then they will refer you for any job that pops up that they are aware of. This strategy is definitely underused by people who are unemployed. Instead of sitting at home surfing Facebook get off your butt and head out to network with people.

Active Resumes

You have a resume that is up-to-date and you take them to prospective employers when you are out job hunting. That is good that you are doing that but you will also need to be active with handing out your resume. Print up hundred or more copies and every time you go somewhere give the resume to the business. If you are willing to take any work then you need to get your name out there. Blanket the town with copies of your resumes.

Use Technology to your advantage

Although it is important to get outside and blanket the town with your resume you will need to be using the Internet to your advantage. Many employers only accept applications and resumes online so when you are at home you need to blanket the companies who may be hiring by getting your resume to them. You also need to read the recruitment blog, Share your desire for a job with your LinkedIn network, network with Facebook friends who may know of job openings and everything else you can think of to help you get a job.