Are you making efforts to look for an IT Recruiter in South Florida? There are many options to consider locally here in Florida before hitting the employment boards. The primary thing you need to think of is your location. South Florida is usually divided into three major job markets, West Palm Beach (Palm Beach County), Ft. Lauderdale (Broward County), and Miami (Dade County). Broward County has the largest strategic advantage from a employment searchers point of view, being located in the center. This is always something to ponder if you are planning on moving to South Florida.

South Florida is only 90 miles from North to South and only 15 miles from the Everglades (West) to the Beach (East). Travel time is mostly about traffic congestion than distance. You might live 5 miles away from your office yet it might take you the same time to arrive there as a person who lives 15 miles away. Comprehending the traffic patterns is very important. Companies also consider this when deciding on hiring. They understand that someone who's commuting over an hour both ways will eventually look for a job nearer to their home and might have a more short term outlook on their current employment.

When it comes to IT jobs in South Florida there are other things to plan for. South Florida is large metropolitan area but it would not be thought of as a prime level market. This should be considered dually by people who live here locally and those who are considering moving to the region. Prime tier markets like New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Los Angeles are the homes of most of the biggest companies in the United States. These companies are more likely to utilize large enterprise level IT staffing solutions in their environment. An example of this may be which database solution a company would select, SQL Server or Oracle. Oracle is the most costly solution which is tailored to large enterprise organizations. Oracle is usually found in tier one markets. SQL Server has many of the advantages of Oracle yet is tailored for small and medium size organizations dually from a services and price point. SQL Server is more often found in companies that are in the tier two or three areas. If you are a job seeker with any of these skill sets, you might want to consider which tier market you are in to give yourself a greater opportunity to find a job.

Most employment searchers will search popular job forums for positions that are advertised. The main problem with this tactic is that everyone else is doing it that way. This is a very simple method which will draw the most job seekers. For any given positions there could be hundreds of candidates. This makes it extremely unlikely they will even review your resume, let alone call you for an interview.

When contacting an IT staffing company, request to talk with their top IT recruiter. Develop a relationship with whomever they put you in contact with. Request a meeting either at their office or possibly for lunch. This give you an edge over that thousands of other applicants resume's they view every day. If you present yourself in a professional way, the recruiter will likely think of you when a job opens up with one of their companies that closely ties in with your skill set. Also, make efforts to be as flexible as you can when they inquire about your desired salary range and the distance would you be comfortable with commuting. The more flexible you are, the more likely it will be that they will call for a position.