As we begin to write more and more then it the habit of writing becomes much easier. If we write a lot of articles on a daily basis then the act of writing becomes much easier. Writing articles is like any other skill in that the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Here are some tips on making writing easier.

Make it a Habit


If you make article writing a habit then it will get easier for you overtime. There is no need to struggle with article writing. The more you do it then the easier it becomes. If you make writing articles everyday part of your daily habit then it will be like showering in that it is something you plan on doing everyday without even thinking about it in advance. You don’t get stressed out that you have to take a shower so why should you get stressed out over writing articles?

Just Do It!

Instead of fantasizing about becoming rich as an article writer you need to simply start writing. You do not even need to have a topic to write about. All you need to do is to start typing without thinking about and an article will come to mind rapidly Do this repeatedly each day and repeatedly each month and then you will be repeatedly cashing large Adsense checks each month from InfoBarrel.

Start with Friends

You may not have any friends that write but if you sign up and start writing on InfoBarrel and becoming active in the forum then you will soon find you have a lot of new friends. InfoBarrel is a great place for new writers because it helps you to learn a lot and develop your skill.


What motivates you to write articles? What can motivate you to write even more articles? For a lot of us the motivation is money. Sure we tend to enjoy writing; however we are involved in this because we want to build up a passive income stream. If money is your primary motivator then “run with it”. If something else is you primary motivator then go with that too. Whatever happens to motivate you should also be the thing that propels you to the next level. There is no need to constantly re-invent the wheel” in the World of article writing for InfoBarrel; however what works for me will be different then what works for Sookie, Askformore, or one of the other writers here on InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel Achievements

On my old account I had a lot of InfoBarrel achievements achieved. Now that I am starting over with a new account I have learned just how motivating the achievements can be for some of us. For me personally I love to get new achievements. The ones I enjoy striving for the most are the number of articles published and the total pageviews on my articles. InfoBarrel achievements help you to stay on track if you use them as a motivational tool.