Running a business, whether small or big, really comes down to the people, the employees. So when a new hire is welcomed on board, it may be appropriate to make a new hire announcement so that other employees can be aware of the new face in the hallways. There are several ways to make a new hire announcement and which ever way you choose will be dependent on the nature of your company and company culture.

Here are some tips to help you to make a new hire announcement.

Delivery of the new hire announcement.
Before making the announcement, you should consider how you plan to deliver the announcement. Is your company small enough where you can personally introduce the new hire to each person? Or is email the main method of communication between your employees? Is there a bulletin board in the lunchroom where a new hire announcement can be posted? How about a monthly company newsletter where you can include a new hire spotlight? Each company works in their own ways, so consider which delivery method will work the best with the company culture.

New hire information.
What type of information will you include in the new hire announcement? You may choose to simply address the new hire's role within the company or if you'd like to extend it, you could include some background information on the person, including hobbies or other interests. Including interesting background information about the new hire could be a good way of breaking the ice and will give other employees a way to approach the new hire.

Be considerate.
Making a new hire announcement can be a wonderful introduction to the company, but it is important that you are considerate to the new hire. Go over the information you are planning on using for the announcement with the new hire before making it public. Or consider asking the new hire about any information that they would like to share about themselves in the announcement, this would take the stress off of figuring out what to include and also allow the new employee a chance to personalized it.

Who should make the announcement?
Now that all the information has been gathered, consider who should actually make the new hire announcement. Should it be the president? Should it be the human resources manager? Should it be the head of department where the new employee will be working? Usually the person who has been working closely with the new employee through the interview process will make the announcement, but it all depends on the the culture of the company.