Redesigning The Bedroom to Suit Your Personality

Personalized Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom IdeasCredit: by Clarita

A bedroom offers much more than just a place to sleep. It is also our private sanctuary where we relax and recharge.  Bedrooms reflect our personalities.  Through time, our tastes also change, naturally, our bedroom furniture, décor, and design changes, too.  Here are ways to personalize the bedroom.

The Bed

A bedroom must be the place that's the most restful. Begin with the most comfortable mattress set you are able to afford. If you can't afford additional single item, this is where to splurge. A bed endures a long time and you'll spend a lot of hours in it. The rest is easy. Regardless what style appeals to you, there's a way to attain the look without spending a lot of money. Most long-familiar designers have produced a line of moderately priced bed linens that sell via department and discount stores.

A Private Place

The idea of mixing and matching several colors and designs is back. Several decorators feel that bold wallpaper can be exceedingly attractive. Others opt for monochromatic surroundings, finding the lack of color more restful. It's not essential to have the bedroom match the decorating in the remainder of the house. This is a private region where you can escape from it all. The crucial thing is that at the end of the day, this is the place you would like to be. Use the things that cause you feel good to look at. Everything must add to your well-being.

White Is Restful

Some people believe an all-white room as boring. Or they do not regard it as practical. Actually, there are so many other shades of white that mixing them on different textures could be the perfect way to design a rich-looking room. Consider piling the bed using throw pillows in shades of vanilla, linen, rosy white, and eggshell. For the appearance of expensive sheets without the cost, buy plain white sheets and trim them using a lace or ribbon edging. Eyelet and lace edging are sold by the yard through fabric stores. They come in a variety of styles and widths and you can choose according to your taste and budget. This is also a good way to add trimming to plain pillowcases. A brocade or tapestry binding is a good way to dress up a plain white blanket as well.


There are several options for window treatments, but because we're talking about getting great style for small money, the best way  to achieve this is using plain white panels. You then have the choice of trimming the edge with fabric to jive with your wallpaper, having embroidered ribbon, silk braid, or plain satin or grosgrain ribbon. Use any of these materials for tie-backs. Use lace-edged linen napkins set on the diagonal over a curtain rod for a valance. No sewing needed!

Accessories for High Impact

Country style is a comfy look for a bedroom. It is warm and snug and easy to live with. Braided rugs doesn't cost much, practical, and come in all sizes and colors. When this style appeals to you, adding a rocking chair having a quilted pillow and a small quilted wall hanging as artwork will complete the total look.


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