vancouver suv limousine

Tip 1) Always do your research on the company that you plan to rent from a quick search of google or bing will bring up reviews about the company in question. Reading what other people have to say online can give you a good idea about the company and how they handle their customer service. Sometimes the bigger companies are extremely busy and its a good idea to book with a smaller company who can provide you with better one on one service but this is not always the case. Checking the reviews online can be an excellent way to find out about other peoples experiences.

Tip 2) Make sure when you contact the company that you ask them what year and make of model suv limousine that they are planning to provide you with. Sometimes companies will advertise different limousines on their websites and then pull a bait and switch on you, renting you an older model limousine.

Tip 3) Talk to the operator, are they friendly? do they seem knowledgeable and are they courteous and friendly on the phone, most likely if they are they are going to provide a high level of service. Be wary of people that seem to busy or curt as they are the representatives of the company and their attitude basically denotes the type of service that you are going to get.

Tip 4) If you know the date you want the suv limousine make sure you book well ahead. Many companies will charge a premium price for last minute bookings, especially during the busy seasons which tend to be the spring and summer months. These seasons are typically jam packed with graduations and weddings. In order to get the best price its always a good idea to book well ahead.

Tip 5) Ask for the hourly pricing, make sure that there are no hidden charges, what do they provide for that rate, does it include tax and gratuity or does that cost extra. See if they provide red carpet service, champagne, bottled water, ice. And if its a wedding that you are renting the Suv Limousine for ask if they provide ribbons and decorations for the limo and at what cost. These are examples of some of the hidden possible costs in renting a suv limo for a special occasion.