chocolate barA candy bar fundraiser is a great way to raise money for a good cause. After all, candy bars are relatively cheap to obtain in bulk and admittedly easy to sell for some profit. Also, the fact that most of your stocks will be sold through direct sale means that there will probably no middleman to lessen your profit. This makes candy fundraisers a viable option for many groups.

Note, though, that candy bars will not sell themselves. Not with the proper selling techniques, of course. Here, then, are a few tips to ponder on when running your own candy bar fundraiser:

Seller Benefits – Incentives, plus the idea that they are doing it for a good cause, are great motivation for the people you assign for direct selling. In the same way some restaurants urge their employees to always do better with Employee of the Month recognition, so can you do the same with your sellers. This can come in many ways: prizes for the person who sells the most candy bars, a leaderboard where you can display the best sellers for the week or month, and so on. Get creative here, as the possibilities are endless.

Buyer Benefits – In the same way sellers may be positively urged to sell more, different little incentives can help buyers decide to buy more and more often. These can include, but are not limited to: free candy with a purchase of several bars, chances to win even bigger prizes with many purchases, invitations to a wrap party after the duration of the fundraiser, and a lot more. As with the previous tip, you are only limited by your imagination here. Again, get creative!

More Places, More People to Sell to – The method is only called direct selling because there is no middleman to deal with, it does not mean that you have to make every sale only through door to door hawking. With so many new avenues for communication, there is so much territory to explore for the possibility of more sales. Check your social networking sites, chat rooms, text messaging services and other communication centers for ways to advertise your cause. You can even create a website of your own if you are successful enough.

Position, Position, Position – Sometimes, getting good sales is all about positioning. Look around your locality for places where many people either go to or pass by and request if you can set up a fundraising table or stall there. Good traffic will almost always equal better sales; just ask any advertiser or marketer.

Be Consistent – Always look for new ways to make your sellers sell more and their customers buy more: new promos and holding a fun event every once in a while helps a lot. Always be consistent with older candy bar fundraiser promos as well, in order to send a good message to both your sellers and buyers as well.