Save Energy and Money

It seems like everyone is pinching pennies wherever they can these days. Here are some more easy tips to save you some money by cutting energy costs in your home. These are all little things, but if you combine them, it may just cut your bill more than you think. Try out these energe saving ideas and see if they help you.

What You Need:

* Attention to where you energy is going

* Willingness to try new things or do a little extra work

What to Do:

Use CFL's Properly:

Compact florescent bulbs can really save you on energy costs if you use them in the right place. Make sure you put them in a spot where you leave the lights on for long periods of time. If they are in a room where you flip the lights on and off constantly then they will burn out faster.

Line Dry Laundry:

Hang your clothes to dry when it is nice outside. Your dryer uses a lot of energy, so this will save you quite a bit. If it is not nice out, then use your dryer on low heat. The higher the heat, the more energy you use.

Use Ceiling Fans in Summer and Winter:

In the summer, your fan will keep you cool, and in the winter it will circulate warm air from the ceiling, down to the floor to keep you warmer without your heat needing to kick on as often. Just make sure it is set the proper direction for each season. If you can stand under the fan and feel the wind, then it is set for summer. In the winter, it should push the air to the sides of the room down the walls instead.

Only Heat Rooms in Use:

If you only use a few rooms in your house regularly, then you don't need to keep the whole house heated. Close the vents in rooms you don't use. Also close the doors of those rooms. If you have a cold, unfinished basement, then close that up and put a rug or a draft guard at the base of the door to keep air from escaping through it.