If you're thinking of purchasing a jewelry box for someone special, you no doubtingly have realized there are so many choices to choose from. It's hard buying such an intricate or delicate piece of furniture or box for someone when there are so many choices. There are several things to keep in mind when shopping, specifically for jewelry boxes.

The first thing you may want to think about, is how old is the person you're shopping for? This will have a determining factor on possible style, theme, and overall function of the jewelry box. If the person is a little girl, you'll want something that is younger and maybe even themed to what she likes at the moment. Now this will more than likely change, so you may think twice before purchasing something really expensive. With that said, often times parents like to purchase their daughters jewelry boxes that may be considered a keep sake and passed down to future generations. If this is the case, you'll want to get something considered timeless, which is a difficult task but traditional is your best bet.

Wood Jewelry BoxThe second thing to consider is how much jewelry does the person have already or do you suspect they'll have in the future. This can be hard to gauge (future jewelry) but try to make an educated guess as it will help you determine the size of box. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of types and styles to choose from so gathering as much information as possible will help in your shopping.

Thirdly, you'll want to think about what type of case as in free standing or counter top box will best suit their needs. Remember that stand alone jewelry boxes are more of a cabinet then jewelry box and are viewed more as a piece of furniture than simply a nice ornament on top of a counter or desk. The amount of space that someone has available for something like this has to be considered. If you're thinking about a cabinet type, or even a counter top or smaller box, you'll still need to think about design and style in the same fashion.

The best way to figure out what type of box they'll like is to take a look around at their current furnishing; especiall when shopping for girls jewelry boxes. Are they contemporary or more modern looking? More modern styles may call for leather or something less ornate in design. If they seem to like antique styles, a more ornate wooden box may be your best bet. Another great way of getting ideas for types and styles is to allude to things in passing as you're out looking at furniture or shopping for someone else. Try making a comment on a piece of furniture or something similar to get an idea of what they might enjoy.

It also will help to have an idea of what type of jewelry they already have. Do they have a lot more necklaces than rings or anything else? If so, you may consider getting them separate products to hold the different types of jewelry. For example, a simple necklace hanger may work well for hanging on the all in the bathroom and a ring holder for the counter. Or at least make sure the jewelry box or holder you purchase has enough room for the number of necklaces they currently have with some room to add more in the future.

Finding the perfect gift for your spouse or partner can be difficult, but if you learn to pay attention, you'll discover that they're giving you great hints all the time about what they prefer and like. You'll want to pay attention as much as possible throughout the year for ideas and don't just wait until two days before that special occasion to start poking around for hints.