One of the things I miss most about living in San Diego and Oceanside, California is the beaches. I love going to the beaches. I spent a lot of time in the water bodyboarding but I also spent a lot of time inline-skating and riding bicycles along the boardwalk.

If I had actually lived on a home that was on the beach or within a block or 2 of it then I would have rarely, if ever, left the area. I would have loved to not only live along the beach area but to also work there.

One business I think has a lot of potential is to rent beach cruiser bicycles, inline skates, surfboards, and bodyboards to people. These businesses tend to thrive. You might not get rich doing it but if you manage you the business properly then you can make a solid living doing it.

In order to be successful with a beachside rental company you need to ensure that you follow a few guidelines if you want to increase your chance of being successful.

Good Location


If you are located directly on the beach and have a large sign that is visible from 3 miles away then you will have success. If you do not have a good location and your rental business is harder to find then you will need to hustle more. It can truly increase your profits by having a beach accessible location. If you can see the beach and your customers and potential customers then you will have a much easier time marketing your business.

If you choose to save money on your ease by renting a building a few blocks away from the beach then your business will be much harder to build-up. A lot of your business will rely on spur of the moment customers. These customers did not plan on renting a bike from you but they seen the bikes on the boardwalk and then seen your beach rental business with the bikes parked out front so they decide to come in and rent a bike. You will rarely get these customers if you have a poor location.

Web Presence

You need to have a web presence. If you have a poorly designed website then you will lose customers and potential customers. Anybody can make a pretty decent looking website with modern software such as WordPress; however, you will need to hire a Los Angeles Mobile App Developers to create a website and app that allows your customers to reserve, rent, and pay for their rentals off of their phone using the app and from you website. Instead of trying to learn how to do this yourself you should be working on building up your business. If you are not using one of the many Los Angeles iPhone App Developers in the area then you are losing out on earning more money.

Good Customer Service

Many people treat their customers like they will never see them again. You expect to rent to tourists who are only in town for a day or 2 and so repeat business is not in your thoughts. Why do you need to kiss your customers butt if they will only be customers once and then they return back home to Iowa?

First off you need to have good customer service because if you treat your customers good they will not go online and leave negative reviews about your business. You cannot expect your customers to go on when you treat them great but that is OK. If you treat your customers bad they will go online and leave bad comments.

When you rent to onetime customers and treat them very friendly like and in a respectful manner then they are much more likely to not abuse the equipment. If they feel like they are friends with you then they treat the equipment they rent as if they owned it.

In addition to tourists you also need to be ready to help locals. You need to be developing relations with the locals. Many of the locals will rent from you periodically and maybe even regularly. They may find it cheaper to rent a pair of Inline skates once a week for their entire family as opposed to buying a pair of inline skates for each and every person in their large family.

You need to develop relationships and network with not only the locals but everyone including the businesses in the area, and even the homeless people. If you are known as a friendly and stand-up guy (or girl) then other people will refer customers your way. Even the homeless can and will meet people who will be interested in learning to surf or bodyboard and the bum can refer people to you. Treat everyone good, including the homeless people because you need their word-of-mouth referral.

Willing to Adapt

You must be willing to adapt. You need to adapt to trends as well as the weather. During the peak periods of your busy summer you may be working 12 hours or more each day with the shop open renting and then spend a few more hours getting the gear ready to rent out again the next day. On slow days you may struggle to even get a single customer. You need to be willing to adapt to changing fads and trends also. You need to be renting the products that your customers desire; however, you never want to forget your core business which is renting beach cruiser bikes, inline skates, surfboards, and bodyboards.

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