Sometimes when people begin a new career they can feel very intimidating. Yes you may know a little bit about the job but unless you have done it before you can feel very nervous. If you are starting a new career as a real estate agent then you will have a lot of challenges that are not in regular 9-5 jobs. You will have a lot to learn and it can feel overwhelming at times. Yes you learned the bare basics at your licensing courses you were required to take, but now the real job begins with the task of learning a lot of new information each day. Here are some tips on how to be successful as a new real estate agent.


As a new real estate agent you will have a lot to learn. You definitely do not want to go into this new career with a “know it all” attitude. You will need to rely on your fellow agents for advice, suggestions, and help. You will also begin learning how to prospect for new leads. A career as a real estate agent means that you will always be learning something new, especially in the beginning.


Without leads you will not be able to develop any new clients. Without any new clients you will not be able to earn any commissions. If you want to make some money as a real estate agent then you need to learn how to prospect and drum up new business. Getting new clients is vital to your business as a real estate agent.

Once you get established and have a good reputation and have been selling real estate for a few years you can often get a lot of new referrals from past clients who recommend you to their friends and family. That is a nice position to be in but as a new real estate agent you will need to be hustling up new leads almost daily. If you do not get new clients then you cannot make any money. A good real estate agent will always be hustling up new work, even when they are working on current deals. The never ending flow of clients is vital to making a real estate agent successful.



You need to dress the part. You do not want to show homes to clients wearing flip-flops and ripped denim jeans. You will probably want to wear a suit and tie or at least a nice pair of slacks with a polo shirt tucked in. Depending on the area you work at, your clientele, and the general style of the area will depend upon what you should wear when working as a Realtor. If you are not sure what to wear then put on a suit and tie and wear that until you are more confident as to what you can get away with wearing.

Choosing a Broker

As a newly licensed real estate agent you will now have to choose a real estate broker to work under. The broker you choose can make or break your career as a real estate agent. Fees and commissions levels will vary from each broker. You do not however want to necessarily take the top paying commission. You need to look at the overall package and what each broker can do for you and how you fit into the culture. One broker may not pay as high of commission levels to you as another broker but they may supply leads. If a broker can supply hot leads to you then it can help you to begin earning money quickly.

Some brokers are very unethical in the way they deal with clients while other brokers are very honest in their approach. The best way to learn about individual brokers is by talking to other agents who have or currently work for that broker. When you go in to interview with a broker you also need to remember that you are interviewing them as well. Ask questions and get clarification. Never feel like you need to choose the specific broker you are speaking with during or after an interview because it is imperative that you at least interview with a few different brokers so you can get a feel for what they are like.

Build Your Brand

Regardless of which broker you go to work for, it is vital that you build brand recognition around your name. By working to solidify your personal name with that as a top real estate agent who provides great service then you will be able to build up a customer base that will follow you into the future regardless of which brokerage you may work for in the future. Brand building is important to all companies. Coca Cola spends millions of dollars each year to help build their brand awareness even further. Obviously you will not have the advantages that Coke does but it is still imperative that you work on building your brand awareness for yourself as a new real estate agent.

Set a Schedule


As a new real estate agent you will realize that you have a lot of freedom each day. You are not chained to a desk and do not have to work specific hours. With that in mind it is easy for newer real estate agents to slack off and not work very hard at developing clients. Without clients they fail to make money and then they are eventually forced to go back to a “regular” job with strict scheduling.

Avoid failure by working hard each day. Set a schedule for yourself where you will work from say 9-6 everyday. Also be prepared to go in early or work later if it can help you get a client or close a sale. When you are at the office do not spend your time gossiping with other agents or the secretary. You should instead be spending your time calling leads, designing ads, and anything else you can do to get new business and help those new clients close on a home.