I hate when I hear things like “Social Media is Just a Fad”! Yes, social media is a fad…NOT! Social media has been around since the earliest man. Today social media is in electronic form with websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. If you want to be old fashioned and not advertise or utilize social networks then so be it, that’s your business.

I myself want to go where the people are and the people are on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you want to be old fashioned and stay away from social networks then so be it. On the other hand though you do not want to simply jump on the social network bandwagon because that is what everyone else is doing. In order to make social networking profitable it will take some time and work.

You cannot simply set-up a fan page on Facebook and then expect your business to take off with hundreds or thousands of new clients, because it does not work like that. You can however get hundreds or thousands of new clients using social media platforms but it will take a lot of work to implement and follow the proper strategy.

The beautiful thing is that once your system is in place and working then you can continue to get new clients and up sell current clients with a lot less stress and hassle then you had when you initially began setting up your company to market properly on social networks. Here are 5 tips to better using social media.

Focus on 1 Social Media Platform

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Many people start a new website and then get a Twitter account for it, a Facebook fan page, a Tumblr blog, and maybe a few other social network pages. It is good to use social media but generally with a new website you will first want to focus on solely building up the content before you move to marketing towards your market on social networks. When you do begin using social media to help drive traffic to your website it is vital that you select 1 platform such as Twitter or Facebook and then focus your efforts on the platform. It will give you much better results to use 1 social media platform and work it exhaustively as opposed to chicken feeding from multiple social media outlets.


It is vital that you interact with your fans. If you have a Facebook fan page for your website or a Twitter profile you need to answer questions asked and thank people. Basically treat people real good and truly interact with them as opposed to trying to sell them something. Selling should be indirect when you are building up social media marketing for a new website or product. At this point in the game you are simply trying to build relationships and brand loyalty.

Sharing Pictures

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Sharing and viewing pictures is one of the most popular activities on social networks. Many companies overlook this aspect of their social media marketing. If you have a Facebook fan page then login under the fan page name and upload some interesting pictures. It may simply be a picture of a cat that showed up at the office, but it can be enough to help built the personal relationships that are necessary to help drive traffic and sell products.

Create Good Content

If all you write are boring articles that are designed to trick the search engines then you will not be able to get any of your content to spread virally over social media platforms such as platform. When was the last time you seen an article from Ezine Articles go viral? Many webmasters continually get frustrated that they cannot get an article to go viral; however if all of your content is at the same level as Ezine Articles then you cannot expect your articles to ever go viral because people will not share crap on Facebook.

End User

Focus on the end user. Instead of focusing on how to get more sales and to constantly be trying to push affiliate links you should look at the end user. What do your Facebook fans want and need? These people want humor, something to pass the time, and helpful and interesting tips that can help them solve a problem they may have. If you can help these people out then that will help to build their trust of your brand and allow you to potentially develop a lifelong customer or at least a return visitor to your website. These people who trust you are also more apt to share your Tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook. If you have hundred or thousands of loyal fans then you will get a lot of traffic to each quality and interesting article you post that has viral traits.

Blog Content

Once again I am harping on how important high quality, informative, and interesting content is to your blog or website. If you want to take advantage of social media platforms and eventually be able to get articles to go viral on a regular basis then it is vital that you start by focusing on creating and writing great content.

When you create a blog post you want to ensure that it is something that will interest some of the visitors enough that they will either book mark your blog, subscribe to the RSS feed, share the post on Twitter or another website, or leave comments. How many times have you share a stupid and boring article on Facebook? Only webmasters and online writers tend to do this, because everyone else will only share links if they are interesting.

If you want to take full advantage of social media platforms then you need quality content as your base of operations. Without good content you have nothing and cannot build up to the extreme high levels of increased traffic you may desire. Quality content equals more visitors and more visitors equal more money earned. To begin a good social marketing drive the first step is to make sure you have quality content on your blog.