What is a Dremel Tool?

The dremel tool has an oscillating side-to-side action used to create many in-depth and intricate projects. It will drill, engrave and polish different types of metal, wood, shells, plastic and other materials. The more you experiment the more experienced and amazed you will become with the variety of things you can make using one tool.

The Dremel tools designed to give the user comfortable hand-held operation for creating any project.

What can you do with a dremel?

You can use a dremel for creating many wonderful objects and gifts for the hobbyist or crafters.

  • Engrave Terracotta Pots or etching patterns on glass and wood
  • Grout removal
  • Drilling holes or carving seashells
  • Carve and polish stones
  • Wood burning or carving wood
  • Strip paint off wood

 These amazing tools have too many uses to list them all here. 

Dremel MM40 Multi MaxCredit: Amazon.com
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This high powered dremel combines versatility with a combination of twenty accessories. Allowing you to sand, cut, polish refinish, and much more. You will be creating complex projects that you are proud of, suitable for the typical homeowner.

Safety using Dremel

This is a fast spinning tool used in many workshops or by the hobbyist. Therefore I cannot stress enough how important it is to wear good strong gloves and protective glasses.  Because of the oscillating speed, it could cause a serious injury to the unwary.

Always disconnect from power source before changing accessories or making adjustments.  This will prevent the risk of accidents.

Tips for using your Dremel Accessories

There are two types of powered tools:  Cordless or plug-in to socket.

Cordless: If you have a cordless one make sure, you charge the battery before starting your project, or better still have a spare battery if doing larger jobs.

Plug in: Position your workstation near a power point at all times.


Everyone should practice on old wood, metal or your choice of materials. That way you will not waste your good materials.  Start on the lowest speed and as you gain more confidence and experience increase the speed.  Remember practice is important.

Drill bits

Select the right drill bit for your particular job, then insert into the spring chuck and into collet of dremel.  Ease it out a bit then tighten the clamping screw and washer to secure bit into tool cap until bit is tight.

Dremel 709-01 110 pc Super Accessory Kit
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This kit includes 110 pieces of everything you will ever need for your dremel. Whether it is for polishing, cleaning, sharpening or carving.

Assembling abrasive bands to accessory shaft

Choose the size of abrasive band and shaft for your project. Slide the band over the rubber section of the shaft, making sure it fits evenly over rubber shaft.


Wood Burning-Dremel parts polishingCredit: Tphotos

Polishing felts

Assembling polishing felts: Screw the polishing felt on to the tip of accessory shaft. Make sure the tip of the shaft does not protrude through the felt. 

Cutting wheels

There are many types of shaping and cutting wheels that cut through bolts, screws or nails. Beware of hidden nails in old wood. Use caution when cutting through metal and nails as may cause sparking.  

Wood burning- DremelCredit: TPhotos

Sanding disks

You can use sanding disk or bands.  For rough surfaces, use a course disk first then polish with a fine one.

Drilling bits

There are many drill bits. If thinking of drilling holes in shells always start with a small drill bit first. Practice on old shells when first using a Dremel to prevent disappointment. Shells can break very easy.

Grinding stones and wheels

Always move the stone the same way as the rotation when grinding metals. Remember, it will overheat if not kept moving.

Conclusion:   If using a Dremel often, then I suggest you buy the corded model. It is important to keep it clean and free from dust after each use. In return, it will keep working for you. 

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start.

Wood carving and engraving

Ideas for projects to make

There are so many great projects you can make with your dremel.  Here are a few ideas to wet your enthusiasm to get you started.

Wood burning and carving

In the above video you will see how easy it is to create pictures with your dremel. Using the same principle you can make novel signs and notices with messages. You can also engrave pictures on emu eggs or glass objects.


Polish stones to make pendants and other types of jewelry.

Wind chimes

Learn how to drill holes in seashells and make beautiful wind chimes. Be careful when drilling shells as they are easy to break. Once you have drilled the holes then thread them on to fishing line or other thread.  Use different sized shells to make it more interesting. 

The video below will show you how to drill holes in seashells

How to Carve Wood
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This book will guide you through the processes of carving, lettering, whittling and many other ideas on wood work for you to do.

How to drill holes in seashells