Montreal, Quebec is a beautiful City with a lot of history. If you are vacationing with children then Montreal can be a great place to visit; however the trip may be planned differently than if you were going as a solo adult. There are many great bars in Montreal but obviously you will not be going to any bars if you bring your children with your on this Canadian vacation. Here are some ways you can have an enjoyable trip to have fun and relax. With proper planning you can visit numerous historic sites and attractions, even if you have children with you. Here are some tips on how to visit Montreal with children.

Montreal(121844)Credit: is vital that you are prepared with the proper clothing for the time of the year you will be visiting. Montreal can get extremely warm in the summer months and can be extremely cold in the winter. Even if you are planning a summer visit to Montreal at the peak of the warm summer months you will still want to ensure that you bring a jacket for yourself and that your kids also have a jacket. No matter how warm it gets it can always cool off real quickly.

 Since you are bringing your children with you on their vacation you should also ensure that everybody packs a properly fitting swimsuit. Anytime you travel with children you should always bring their swimsuit many hotels in Montreal have a swimming pool. A swimming pool is a great way for children to burn off some excess energy and to have a lot of fun. If you book a hotel in Montreal with a swimming pool then you may find that you use the swimming pool multiple times.

The subway in Montreal is an easy and inexpensive way for you and your children to get around. It is much cheaper than renting a car. You can also find subway maps that were designed specifically for tourists. The tourist specific maps make getting around Montreal on the Subway extremely easy.

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 The Biodome

The Biodome is an exhibition of the environment that contains the various ecosystems, including Antarctica, the Arctic, the navy, the local forest, and tropical. There is a children's section on the lower floor of the building. It is up to you if you visit the Biodome first or you go with the usual forms of entertainment for children, such as theme parks. Don’t expect to see Pauly Shore here.

Tour of Old Montreal

 There are many museums to choose from. Determine in advance what will interest you and the children. Make stops in between visits to eat ice cream and snacks to keep the energy level of the children.

River tour

 Take the river boat tour if you kids like boats. They could get sick if they are not used to the water, therefore ensure that you a vomit bag with you. Visit the river; you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city you get into the St. Lawrence. It is an activity that children will certainly remember, even if they do get “sea sick” on the water.


 Visit Parc Jean-Drapeau, because it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Montreal. It is located on an island in the St. Lawrence. They offer three swimming pools and a lake for swimming. Yet another place for your kids to wear their swimming trunks. During the day you will see employees cleaning garbage cans and picnic tables. Parc Jean-Drapeau also offers snack bars and locker rooms. If you are traveling to Montreal in the wintertime and have young boys then it is imperative that you try and take them to a National Hockey Game. The NHL team of the Montreal Canadiens calls Montreal home and who doesn’t like to see a real live hockey game. If your boys have never seen a real hockey game then you will be able to give them a huge treat. Make sure that you also buy them some souvenir hats and jerseys. Here’s a money savings tip, you can save a lot of money by buying Canadien hockey merchandise around town instead of at the arena during the game.

There will be some places that you and your spouse will want to visit that may not be as interesting to your children. Places such as the Saint Joseph's Oratory is somewhere that you can still go. You can have a picnic on the lawn of the Saint Joseph's Oratory and it will allow you and your wife to be able to view this beautiful building while your kids roughhouse on the lawn. Girls will be much more interested in the Saint Joseph's Oratory if you explain to them that this building is like a fairy tale castle, except cooler.

If your family is from a rural area or a small town then simply walking around the downtown area can be impressive to your children. The tall buildings, the street performers, and the great food is often enough to keep children entertained. Simply walking around with no route in mind is enough because you and your children are bound to find something of interest to you when you are exploring the Downtown area of Montreal.

One of the coolest aspects of Montreal is the amount if diversity and racial tolerance that can be found here. Yes Montreal has idiot like any other big City but these idiots will hate you because you are a tourist and not because of the color of your skin. Seriously though, you can meet a lot of interesting and rally friendly people in Montreal.

A trip to Montreal will also give your high school aged kids a place to practice their French language skills. Many high school kids take French language skills and a visit to Montreal is much cheaper than taking the family to Paris.

A visit to Montreal can easily be entertaining and educational for the entire family. If you are looking for somewhere unique to go then consider a trip to Montreal.