Gladiator Gladiator Sandalssandals have evolved on the red carpet from fierce warrior-woman long boots to girly sandals, to high heels. But, they are difficult to wear.

Gladiator sandals first appeared on fashion runways back in 2006. Since then, they have gained a tremendous amount of popularity.

First on the market to accompany the Roman toga as well as Grecian gown trend, they have outlived most of their newer (and less well-designed) successors. Perhaps the most popular gladiator sandals of them all are Balenciaga's warrior woman, colored knee-highs, worn by a lot of Hollywood superstars.

On the other hand, as time slowly goes by, a lot of girls are starting to realize that these sandals are difficult to wear. In case a girl is lucky enough to be tallish and fit then she can look fabulous in any style. However, in case a girl is short or if she has thick calves, than she needs to choose a lot more wisely.Gladiator Sandals Boots

These sandals make a fashion statement. Therefore, a girl should wear quiet clothes that do not compete. Flat gladiator sandals are best worn with a short skirt and high-heel gladiator sandals definitely look best with jeans.

Unless legs are quite slim or if a girl is tallish, these can make the calf look chunky or even shorten the leg. Knee-high gladiator sandals give the impression of longer legs much more when compared to those which end at the mid-calf. These go well with a simple short skirt or cute shorts and tights.Designer Gladiator Sandals

Below the ankle ones are fail safe. It is possible to wear them with almost anything; longer jeans, sexy shorts, certain dresses, and pencil skirt i.e. anything that looks good.

IGladiator Sandals Heelsf choosing knee-length sandals, soft neutral tones such as beige, winter white, camel, and chocolate are much more versatile and flattering. On the other hand, in case a girl wants to make a fashion statement then vibrant colors such as olive green and dove grey will give her outfit a pop. Dark brown as well as black straps will have the effect of making legs appear to be thicker. And metallic colors such as sapphire and amethyst are more slimming.

Style with a solid strip of leather that bisects the foot in the center is a good choice if a girl wants to elongate the foot as well as leg. When these are worn with skinny jeans then they have the added bonus of creating a single elegant line from hip to toe.