If you are planning on quitting your job and want to write a nice resignation letter to your soon-to-be former employer, then there are some things that you might want to include. Writing a resignation letter may not be the most fun part of quitting your job, but you can definitely express your gratitude, especially if your employer has been exceptional. A nice resignation letter will allow you to keep good relations with your former employer should you ever need a reference letter or other recommendation.

Here are some tips on how to write a nice resignation letter:

Be firm about your last day.
A resignation, even a nice one, should be clear and leave no room for question as to the intent of the letter. It is best to be upfront, so in the beginning paragraph you may write, "This letter is to inform ABC Company that my last day will be May xx, 20xx." Or similar verbiage.

Address the letter to the appropriate personnel.
Your letter should be addressed to your direct supervisor, who will then pass on the notice to Human Resources or the appropriate department. It does not make sense to write to another person other than your direct supervisor who may feel overlooked if they found out through someone else about your resignation.

Include some positive aspects that you've enjoyed while working with the company.
Positive aspects could be the weekly meeting where all employees gathered to hear updates on company news. Or perhaps the appreciation you have for your employer who may have assisted you with tuition or some other above-and-beyond help. Employers will remember if you include some positive points in your nice resignation letter because it will show them that you enjoyed your time there and most employers want their workers to be happy and appreciated.

Give credit where credit is due.
If you truly admire your direct supervisor or others in the company, feel free to acknowledge it. This does not necessarily have to be in the resignation letter, but writing a little note to them before you leave is a great way to close out that chapter in your career and it is a great way for others to feel appreciated.

Don't forget to date your letter.
Make sure that the letter is dated with the date in which you will turn in the resignation letter. Your last day should be at least two weeks from that date, as is customary.

Type out your full name and sign.
When closing the letter, make sure to sign it and also type out your full name; this is for administrative purposes.

Print out and keep a copy for yourself.
Print out your letter and make sure that you keep a copy for yourself.