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Acne is a skin disorder and it is very common among many people. Just it is a topic people do not want to speak about, which is why we don’t hear about it much and we don’t get any tips on acne from friends or family. Acne is not a condition for only the younger people and it does happen, less often, in the older people.

Acne happens both in men and women but it has a much higher chance of occurrence in younger men, which are prone to more severe forms of acne.

It is important to understand that acne is a consequence of genes passed on from generation to generation but also your own lifestyle. For example you may be more prone to sweating genetically, but if you shower often (due to lifestyle) then less of this sweat is going to dry on your skin.

Here is the truth: at present there is no known cure for acne. There are only remedies which are designed to help control it or manage it. However, as the science develops, more and more options are coming onto the market. That said, I advice you not to jump in for anything new, as in medicine it takes many years before side effects and similar issues are discovered.

Another piece of good news is for those people who have some marks or scars left due to acne, there are possibilities to get them treated using lasers. Actually a number of skin appearance issues can be treated (more like hidden) using these dermatological methods. You can contact your dermatologist if you have such appearance issues and they will give you advice on how to proceed.

A general rule of the thumb is not to blindly trust any advertisements promising total cures and similar. A lot of them are trying to sell expensive crèmes or products, which quite possibly will not work for you, but they are banking on your desperation to make profits. Even if some cases were cured by their medicines, they never will share on TV about all the people whom the medicine did not help. So do refrain from blindly wasting your money. If you have real concern ask your doctor.

There are a number of tips on acne you can read to help you deal with it:

  • If your skin tends to be generally dry, then take steps to add humidity to it using crèmes and oils and see if that solves your acne problem. Don’t over bathe as bathing removes all the natural oils from the skin which results in a very dry skin.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Take multivitamins.
  • If your skin tends to be very oily or wet, then take steps to get it drier, such as taking a shower which removes the oils and pat yourself quite dry even using a blow drier.
  • If you have a sensitive fair skin then protect it more with crèmes or if you are out in the sun, protect it against the sun through clothing or sunscreens. It is then logical that you should not go to tanning parlours.
  • People with darker skin do not generally need protection (there are exceptions), because melanin which makes the skin darker protects the skin already.
  • Those who are very active in sports or exercising can develop acne on their chest and back and this is due to excessive sweating and the friction between your body and your cloths. What you can do to address it is either wear less clothing or shower as quick as you can after your activity.

Lastly, remember when you are using any crème, putting a lot of crème is just a waste of the crème. Only a very thin layer of the crème is actually in contact with your skin. What looks thin to us is an entire mountain on the atomic level, so do not waste your money by soaking yourself in crème. Put as thin a crème layer as possible if you are using crèmes.