In order to become a vegetarian you need to be committed and plan ahead. Moving from a meat-eating lifestyle to a vegetarian one doesn’t need to be difficult, but if you are completely new to vegetarianism it’s better to read up on the topic before you proceed. By simply searching on the Internet you can find many vegetarian resources that can help you through the first few weeks.

What kind of food preparation do you normally go through to make breakfast, lunch and dinner? If you are used to quick foods then don’t try to become a chef just because you are becoming a vegetarian. The transition will be easier if you stick to similar food-preparation techniques.

If you typically have a microwave meal for lunch then stick to that plan but purchase vegetarian microwave meals. It’s a good idea to start reading the ingredients of meals unless you have purchased it before; occasionally there may be meat additives in something that seems vegetarian. As most vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs the choices at the store will not be too incredibly limited.

Alternatively, if you enjoy cooking and would like to learn how to cook vegetarian meals there are a variety of resources available online, at the library or at the bookstore. There may be some new ingredients that you’ve never tried (like tofu or nutritional yeast) but with a little practice and research you can start using new ingredients with ease.

If you feel like you are starting to miss certain foods such as hamburgers or tacos, there are typically vegetarian alternatives that may not taste exactly the same but will capture the essence of the food you miss. Quite a few people enjoy “veggie burgers” by dressing them exactly as they would have their normal hamburger; the same condiments, cheese, type of bun and cooking them on the grill in warm weather. Although the texture and taste won’t be exactly the same if you were craving a hamburger you may have these cravings satisfied.

Similarly, you could have tacos that are made with “veggie burger” crumbles, which you can use in place of ground beef. By seasoning the “crumbles” with the same taco seasoning you used to use (or making your own!) you can replicate the “taco taste” without the meat. Remember, whatever the reasons you have for becoming vegetarian, there are a multitude of resources available to you to continue your lifestyle of choice.