5 ways to start your search on the best lease deals

For people leasing a car for the first time, finding the car lease with the right monthly payment is a difficult and laborious process. Try the following ways to get yourself a head start for hunting the Best Car Deals!

1) Negotiate at your Local Auto Dealer
Learn about the carmaker and model that you like, then go to your local dealers and negotiate with a sales rep on the price of the car you wish to lease. But don’t tell them you wish to lease the car to begin with in order to avoid being ripped off by the dealers. Before going to the dealership, go to websites like edumnds.com to find out what others have paid for a similar model using their “True Market Value”, Capitalized Cost, Invoice Price and current incentives and rebates. Then we try to negotiate the lowest Capitalized Cost possible with a high Residual Value to get the best monthly payment, with different lease terms and money factor. Get a couple quotes from different deals so you can pick the best car lease deals among them.

2) Use the Internet to get car quotes
Many dealers have Internet fleet managers who specialize in services customers from the internet. Contact multiple Internet fleet managers at a time and tell them the model of you are interested in. Then wait for their quotes and start comparing the prices. Select the car dealer that offers the most competitive offer and then start the negotiating the details of the Lease Deal. You can also use the quote from internet fleet managers to negotiate with another local dealers to haggle for the best deal.

3) Car Lease Deals in Sunday Papers
Sunday papers often feature a section about car deals for the day or the week from many car dealers. Most of those lease deals are time limited with limited supply. However, if you present a copy of the ad, most competitors usually price match to other dealers.

4) Car Lease Quote from Lease Programs Websites
Some websites and advertisements that claim to offer the car lease programs by offering several choices from a list of their preferred dealers. Car lease shoppers are required to share their personal information like address, email address, social security number and contact number to acquire further lease deals details. Your information will be sent to several dealers around your zip code and they will contact you with a quote and try to arrange you to visit the dealerships to complete a sale.

5) Compare Car Lease Deals
Some websites specialize in servicing lease shoppers by allowing them to compare lease deals from dealers in terms of monthly payment, down payment, lease terms and incentives. This is perfect for lease shoppers who don't want to bother to negotiating prices and lease details and give out their personal info to get a quote for the car they want to lease.