How many times have you gone to buy some furniture and open a draw and notice it is made of chip board and the runners on the drawers are plastic and just stapled into place? The trouble is furniture like this is mass produced and is cheap and nasty. Why on earth do people throw good money away on furniture like that? Quite often it is either because they do not know any different or they cannot afford the better quality furniture.





In reality they would be far better off shopping around at garage sales and finding secondhand furniture made from solid wood or antique furniture rather than buying furniture made of malamine or chipboard hidden under a laminated surface.





Solid wood Furniture



You could make an old solid antique furniture cupboard look like new with a little bit of elbow grease and re-varnishing.





Things you will need



Electric sander and papers


Varnish or furniture oil or wax



Screw driver and hammer





To do this you should remove drawers and take the doors off. Now remove any handles and hinges.With solid wood furniture you can sand it down to remove the old stain. Wipe with a soft cloth and recoat with a stain or use an oil finish.This will make an old secondhand cupboard or any furniture reborn like new again.At the same time add value to the article and best of all save you money.





Antique Furniture





If you are lucky enough to find a real old piece of antique furniture throughout your scavenging then you will need to treat it as though you have struck gold, it could be worth a lot of money.So be very careful and follow these simple steps.





As this type of furniture is very old it may need a little tender loving care and maintenance. The legs may have come loose or the surface may be scratched.Beware that you do not go overboard with your renovating as by doing a complete sanding or re-stain will destroy the actual antique quality of the article and reduce its value.The design, style or era in which it was made will make a difference as to how much it is worth.





The best way to renovate antique furniture is to give it a thorough clean.





To do this you will need:





Soft cleaning cloth



Toothbrush to get into small carvings and remove dust



Tooth pick





Begin by cleaning and removing all the dust and grime from the overall piece. Use the toothbrush to clean out the intricate carvings.If there is a buildup of dirt in the corners be very careful and use a small toothpick to remove any dust caught deep in the carving.



Small cracks in antique furniture should be left alone.Remember it is antique and this is part of aging.





Actual Repairs needed





If you find that a leg or part of the antique furniture has come loose.Please refrain from using modern day glue to repair it.It will pay you to take it to a proper antique repairer to have this fixed.They will have the correct type of glue to fix this problem.You do not want to destroy its value by tampering with it.



Do not put modern day furniture oil on any of your antique piece of furniture.This will encourage dirt and dust to collect and take away the antique look.

Before doing any restoration work, you need to be guided by a professional.It may pay to let them do the necessary repairs and increase its antique appearance and value.



Antique Glass Cabinets Photo included



Many of these have disappeared over the years although we found one with just a few pieces of glass still intact.My husband loves lead lighting so he has replaced and rebuilt this old one back to new with the aid of some old Louvre glass.No it is not a real antique but is still very old.



Arm chair photo compliments from Channaher on flickr