Marriage often is full of happiness, even so it can also be full of pain. For many couples, it seems like the joy are actually gone for so long that it really is impossible to ever get it back. But it doesn’t have to be like that. When it comes to how to save your marriage, there are a number of actions you can take to start putting your relationship undercontrol. But you must be willing to look at yourself and try to make the necessary changes. Change isn’t easy, but since how to save your marriage is really a main concern for you, then carry on reading.

What are you providing into the relationship?

One of the first things you may need to do when it comes to how to save your marriage is to sit down and then make a list of what you are possibly contributing to the relationship. This is not a list for things like making cash to pay the bank loan, or cleaning the house, or perhaps even making time for the grocery shopping.

On the other hand, in terms of what approaches will you be making the relationship good or bad? Are you constantly nit-picking at your spouse’s short-comings? Are you express sincere appreciation frequently that your spouse is in your life, or for the amazing things your spouse does for you? Have you been supportive? Do you put attention whenever your partner needs to talk about something that is bothering him or her? Are you caring and affectionate?

Your marriage is like a bank-account. You can either making deposits for it or may be withdrawing from the account. When you are mostly making withdrawals, the bank account will surely run dry. You need to be making plenty of deposits also in case you learning how to save your marriage is important to you.

Is it marriage a two-way street, or must every thing always be on your terms?

A lot of people don’t know how to take part in a relationship without trying to control it. If you're the type of person who has got to have all the things happen on your terms, then you are much more than being incredibly selfish, you are also treating your spouse with disrespect. And maybe even your partner has put up with it for a long time, but since how to save your marriage is basically a concern for you, chances are it is certainly because your partner has had just enough.

A marriage is supposed to be a teamwork, not a dictatorship in which a person calls all the shots and demands the other to “obey”. Ready to control your spouse often foster resentment. Your partner is naturally a single human being whose desires and needs may not always cope with yours. Compromise is known to beimportant to a good marriage. Honoring and respecting his or her feelings, requests and needs alternatively could go a long way when it comes to developing a healthier, more loving relationship.

Do you think you're being passive-aggressive in your marriage?

While controlling behavior is definitely destructive to a relationship, passive-aggressive behavior is as well. Passive-aggressive persons attempt to gain their needs met in particularly harmful ways. Instead of being speaking up and showing their true needs or feelings, they claim one thing and after that react in a way that typically subtly or not so subtly contradicts it, typically searching for a way to get back at the other person.

Just for example, a passive-aggressive wife may tell her husband its ok if he prefer to spend a day playing golf with his friends. But unfortunately, in fact she is definitely nothappy about it all and certainly decides to get back at him basically “accidentally” putting a new red shirt in the wash with his underwear as she does laundry that single day. Needless to say, this is also harmful to a marriage as well as defeats the goal of how to save your marriage.

These are just a few things to ask your-self in case you are thinking of your marriage. The only person you can change is in fact yourself, so if you are wondered how to save your marriage, you have to start with making changes in the way you interact with your partner. As you have positive changes, you'll probably find that your partner actually does also.