How to grow a goatee to be proud of

Over recent years the goatee has become one of the most well known and popular beard styles amongst many men. Many celebrities have sported a goatee at some time or another and when you consider real alpha males, such as the likes of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Will Smith, have grown one of the goatee styles it is easy to see why so many men follow suit with one of these beard designs. The goatee beard has become an iconic fashion accessory that screams masculinity, strength and style.

Many people fail to realise there is a right way and a wrong way to grow one of the goatee styles, and if you want the best beard style going and a goatee beard to be proud of, you are going to need to know how to grow a goatee the right way. Growing a goatee isn’t difficult but it does take time and, to a certain extent, patience and perseverance.  

 The first stage in how to grow a goatee the right way involves growing your facial hair in to a full beard style design. So, put your razor away and let Mother Nature do her thing. During this first stage you don’t need to do anything at all to your new facial hair, so kick back, relax and embrace the world of non shaving.

The next part of how to grow a goatee the right way is learning how to leave your facial hair alone whilst it is growing. During the early days your facial hair may grow in an uneven manner and come through patchy, this is all normal and part of the process so don’t worry about it. If you are one of the fortunate ones whose facial hair grows evenly, then you should count your blessings. No matter what you think of your facial hair growth in the early stages it is important you don’t touch it. No matter what your peers say about it and no matter how much ribbing you get, never be tempted to shave it, wax it or tidy it up. You need to take the comments on the chin and remember you will have an awesome goatee beard in a few short days.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to grow a goatee beard is shaving off the unwanted facial hair, and effectively styling the goatee, before the goatee is fully grown. It is important you don’t fall in to this trap, so just let your facial hair grow.

Once you have a good amount of facial hair growth all over your face, the timing of which will vary from person to person, you will be ready for the next part of how to grow a goatee the right way. This stage involves manscaping and male grooming. That’s right, now is the time to go and do some beard trimming and grooming to tidy up your new growth of facial hair.

Effective and successful beard trimming involves having the right tools for the job.  As your facial hair is going to be quite long by the time you reach this stage of how to grow a goatee the right way, you are going to need some decent electric clippers with adjustable settings. You are also going to need a razor, a few sharp razor blades, some decent shaving gel, a shaving brush and some after shave lotion.

Believe it or not an electric shaver is a vital accessory in growing a goatee beard.

An electric shaver - a great manscaping toolCredit:

Firstly, you are going to need to use the electric clippers and shave off a little of your entire beard. It is important to start of small and gradually increase the amount of facial hair you shave off until you get your new beard to the desired length. Remember, you can always shave more facial hair off but you can’t stick it back on so shave off the facial hair gradually. Shave off too much and you will have to start the how to grow a goatee the right way process all over again.

With you entire facial hair at the same length you need to decide how big you goatee is going to be and mask the area with some masking tape. With the hair you want left behind covered you need to get the clippers, set them to their shortest cutting length and shave off all your unmasked facial hair. The idea is to get the facial hair as short as possible to make it easier to shave off with a razor.

Next, apply some shaving gel to the unmasked area and lather up using the shaving brush. Take a razor and carefully remove the facial hair in the unmasked area down to the skin. During this stage you need to be accurate and have a steady hand to make sure you don’t go and take chunks out of your goatee beard.

Once you have grown your goatee beard and removed all the facial hair around it, you are going to have to maintain your facial hair and keep it looking good. Growing a goatee and the initial styling is only the beginning and the hard work is actually maintaining your goatee beard.

A good razor, sharp razor blade and shaving gel is also going to be needed in making your goatee a beard to be proud of.

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The easiest way to maintain your goatee is to use the electric clippers to keep the hair at the desired length. Clippers allow you to regulate the amount of facial hair shaved off so keep the clippers at the same setting and run them over your goatee every two to three days. You can do it every day if you wish, but this is a bit of a overkill. The good thing about using clippers is that they are so easy to use and your goatee will be the same length all over.  The area around your goatee is going to take a bit more work and effort and you should wet shave this area every day.

So, now you know how to grow a goatee and how to care and maintain a goatee the next decision you have to make is which one of the many goatee beard styles you want to have.