There's something about the look and feel of a new pair of shoes that's very appealing.

No matter if it's pair of elegant dress shoes or the latest sneakers on the market. The new shoe experience can almost be like the feel of a brand new car, complete with the new car smell.

Undoubtedly, Shoes will wear out much faster than a garment of clothing. So it is important to maintain and service your shoes, to keep them looking in top order...... Just as you would for your favourite pair of blue jeans or jacket. So here are some tips on how to keep your shoes looking there best.

Invest in a Shoe Tree

A shoe tree is a tool that is used to keep the shape of your shoes firm and crease free.

Over time, your natural walking stride will cause the formation of creases and cracks at the toe and sides of your shoe. To prevent this, a shoe tree is inserted in the shoe after use. It takes the form of your foot inside the shoe to prevent the body of the shoe from gradually going limp and lifeless. You can find shoe trees made from plastic which can be adjusted to various sizes. The more expensive and traditional shoe trees are made out of wood, usually cedar. There are many different types available on the market these days. Ones made for boots, women's shoes, plastic types, hard wood types, solid toe, split toe and so on. If you tend to purchase more expensive shoes, then a shoe tree is a solid investment as you protect your investment from premature wear which in turn; keeps them looking like new shoes longer.

The Use a Shoe Horn

The simple use of a shoe horn could drastically improve the quality of your life and also extend the life of your shoes as well. For some people, the task stooping over to put on shoes can be a daunting one. A shoe horn is a small plastic device used to hook and hold the back of the shoe firmly upright so you can insert your foot without crushing the heel part of the shoe. It takes most of the bending-over out of the equation. Shoe horns come in various sizes styles and lengths but are generally inexpensive .you can get one for under a dollar.

Replace worn laces

Usually, the first things to go are your laces. They pick up and hold dirt, get discoloured, become unravelled and tattered, then eventually break. You can instantly improve the overall appearance of your laced shoes just by changing old worn laces. It also makes life easier when tying them up.

Clean leather Sneakers with Fast Orange Hand Cleaner

Yes, you're reading correctly….. Fast Orange Hand cleaner. The best leather cleaner unknown to mankind. Fast Orange is the trade secret of many car detailers. It will take that heart breaking scuff off of your brand new white sneakers or bring an old pair back to life…the results will amaze you. This product is biodegradable, waterless, petroleum solvent-free and has no harsh chemicals, mineral oils or ammonia. So it's totally environmentally friendly.

Use a Foam Buffer on Dress Shoes

They're relatively inexpensive to buy, a one or two dollars usually. The buffer works wonders to bring out the shine in your dress shoes, giving them the sharp, classy effect

Foam Buffers usually come with some sort of shoe polish embedded in the sponge, so there life span is limited. When the polish dries out you should replace with a new one. With normal usage, once a day, maybe it will last two or three months.

Do not use your left shoe to remove the right shoe

Everyone seems to do it. It's the quick and easy way to remove your shoes in a jiffy. It's also a quick and easy way to destroy the heel of the shoe. If you want to preserve the look of you favourite shoes, try not to use this method to remove them from your feet. Instead, you should suck it up and un-tie those laces. Your shoes will benefit from the extra effort on your part.

Don't jumble your shoes together in a mound

Heaping your new kicks together in one great pile is just inviting the dirt from other shoes to mark and stain them. It's better to have a simple shoe storage rack or something to separate your shoes in an orderly fashion. A shoe storage rack can range from a small 1, 2 or 3 tier system. Up to the over the top walk in closet arrangement.

Following these tips will aid in keeping your favourite shoes looking as if you just got them recently.