Steps to a good project

  Ever just feel like you want that extra little "pow" something else? Sometimes thinking of something fresh can be a daunting task. Here are a few ideas that will help you when planing your next calligraphy project. Have fun, and enjoy!

1. Pick your theme

  Picking your theme is as simple as picking what era or genre you want to use. Drama, medieval, comical, romantic ect. are all examples. (This isn't narrowing it down to a specific text yet so don't panic. in this step we first want the broad category.)

  After you've picked the broad category select a subcategory. Lets's say you picked medieval, narrow it down to fairytale, fact, or a mixture of the two.

  Now, we get down to the specific text. Take your list thus-far and do a google search with it. If you chose medieval-fairytale, perhaps you might select Rapunzel or a poem celebrating knighthood. 

2. Pick your font

  Try to imagine your theme. What time of day it was? If there are flowers mentioned, perhaps you can imagine all the colors present. What are the descriptive words used in the text? What is the main character in the text? (Note: A character does not always mean a human. Be imaginative. If you select a poem that is about an old oak tree,  your main character would be the old oak tree.

  ALL of these things should come into play when you chose your font. For Rapunzel you might pick a font with long tails on it, while for the story about a castle you might choose a very short and stubby/ bold font. 

3. Pick your colors 

 This again has to do with the feel of the text itself. If it's about a bright summer day, don't use a lot of browns or deep reds. If it's for winter  (depending on where it takes place on the equator), you may want to use more black and bright blues.

4. Pick your layout

  What words do you want to stand out (names, descriptions, ect.)? What words are less important (words that when you read the text aloud are not raised in your speech)? How can you make these different words stand out or vanish in the text? 

  There are two main ways of doing this. A) You can take a variation on the font and use this for the words you want to stand out. And B) you can change the size of the words you want o stand out or less conspicuous.

  Drawing your layout on a piece of plain ol' paper can help to visualize it.

5. Pick your background

 Picking your background is sometimes the hardest part. When you ar dealing with fonts you want the font to do the talking and not the backdrop, otherwise the scene becomes to busied and tight. The eyes don't know where to go first. try to keep the backdrop of the actual text in a solid. If you are dealing with text over a picture you can lighten the area behind the text to make it stand out. 

 Another creative idea for projects is to make them on a shape. For instance, if the selection was about the earth, you might do your selection on a round ball which can be found at most craft supply stores.

 What ever you decide, be creative.