Keeping our skin looking young and healthy is something many of us wish to do but do the many anti aging skin care products on the market actually work? Can you diminish lines and wrinkles by applying one of these preparations? There are many different products to choose from with many different ingredients so which one should you choose in your quest for a youthful skin? We've gathered some information on the use of anti aging skin care preparations and the ingredients used in them so that you can make an informed decision before you pay out a lot of money on products that may prove to be useless!

Firstly you must do is to find out your type of skin and it's condition. Is your skin oily or dry? Or you may have a combination skin. Now consider the health of your skin and how old you are. A youthful skin or a skin that has a small number of wrinkles and lines will react better to light products or creams, whereas an older, more heavily wrinkled skin requires a more intense anti aging skin routine.

There are also a range of different ingredients that may be added to anti-aging skin preparations that could be effective. Some have been proven to have an effect on wrinkles and lines but sadly there are many that have no clinically proven effect. How can you and be certain that you are purchasing an anti-wrinkle cream that is effective? We've gathered together some information on anti aging ingredients below to help you.

What isn't Effective?


Collagen is a structural component of the deeper layers of the skin where it provides support it and prevents wrinkles. If the collagen is damaged, through the sun or additional environmental factors the skin isn't supported as firmly and starts to droop. The large collagen molecule and is not able to penetrate the the skin's epidermis when put on the surface. Consequently collagen added to face creams won't have any effect whatsoever on wrinkles and lines.

Costly Lotions and Creams

For anti aging skin products it isn't necessarily true that the more expensive the more effective. Over the counter lotions and creams all contain around the same quantity of the active ingredient so paying more won't make a difference to the result.

What Does Work?

Anti aging skin treatments that contain retinol, available over the counter, or tretinoin which is available on prescription, have been clinically proven to be effective on wrinkles and fine lines. Retinol is less effective than tretinoin used for long enough can reduce lines and wrinkles significantly.

Coenzyme Q10 has been proven to have an effect on the lines surrounding the eyes. It can also shields the skin from damage by the sun.

Copper peptides promote the production of collagen, can help in the healing of wounds and are effective as anti-oxidants.

A Word of Caution

Anti aging skin preparations containing tretinoin or retinol increase the the sensitivity of the skin to the sun so either use them at night before bed. If you apply any of these products during the daytime, it is important to always use a high factor sun screen as well.

Side Effects of Retinol or Tretinoin

Side effects are normally mild but you may experience some redness or irritation the first time you use one of these products. This is normal and usually goes away in a a couple of days. If it persists for longer than this stop using the preparation.

In Conclusion

Anti-aging products can be effective if you choose those with ingredients that are proven to diminish lines and wrinkles and to help moisturise the skin. Don't fall for the exaggerated claims made for some of the products on the market but look carefully at the ingredients used to be sure that you are spending your money wisely.