We all need to shop wiser and smarter these days with the rising costs of electricity, gas and fuel. They are not the only rises in our living costs if you are renting your landlord thinks he can become a millionaire at your expense while the banks want to oust the home owners with raising the interest rates.Then the councils decide to get in on the bandwagon by raising our land and water rates, so we have to take every opportunity to save money where we can by penny pinching wherever we can.




One way save is to buy your food in bulk whether it is your meat or groceries try to buy in bulk. You will need to do your homework first.For instance if you live more than say ten kilometers away from the main shopping center, the cost of driving back and forth will increase your expenses.




Buy bulk meat






Check with your local butchers and see what bulk deals they can offer you.Then go on the internet and checkout bulk meat suppliers and compare the prices and cost of delivery.Ask if you organize two or three friends to order at the same time would it be cheaper this will often be a good bargaining tool.Decide which business offers you the best deal.If you have to go into town to pick the orders up then organize with your neighbors to alternate and take turns at picking up the orders.




You can do the same with fresh chickens and fish.I would always avoid buying any meat or chicken in your supermarket that has been marinated in spices, as quite often this is done to cover discolored meat or chicken.










Again you need to go through the specials when the newspaper is delivered. Check the prices compare if it is cheaper to buy in bulk or buying large tins of coffee up against the smaller ones. Do the same with other items like beetroot, tinned fruit and anything else in large containers. When things are on special you may be able to buy by the carton this is still buying in bulk quantities.




Near out of date items






Look for specials in the form of close to out of date goods.Read the labels and if these still have a week to be used then there is no problem.It will save you by buying a few as long as you can use them within a few weeks of buying them.




Buying meat when it expires the next day is still okay as long as it is repacked and sealed in plastic bags and frozen.This will still be okay for at least another month.




Weekly Specials






Again checkout what is on special and make a list.Where possible buy several of the things where you can save the most money.Only buy these if you will use them.Never spend money on something just because it is on special then throw it out at the end of the week that is pure waste.




Cleaning products






Buy your laundry powder in bulk when cheaper. The same applies with toilet paper and soaps.Do not waste money on cleaning products.There are three cleaning products which will do most of your cleaning for very little cost. That is vinegar, bi-carbonate of soda and bleach.




Use your own containers






Buy a couple of the polystyrene containers to pack your meat in when you buy it.Use the green bags from your supermarket instead of using plastic bags which will be thrown out on the rubbish dump.




Buy food and household goods in bulk or larger packages



Check the prices of cereals, biscuits powder milk all the packaged items that you buy week after week. Where possible buy the larger ones and not only save money buying them but save wasted packaging.

Fruit Juices and cordials

Buy larger quantities. These will also make great water containers or bulk containers to store your larger quantities of shampoo etc in.

Compare bulk prices against the Special price.



Always compare the prices of smaller packaging and make sure you are saving by buying the bulk container.



Buying Flour or soup mixes in bulk



Beware; make sure they are stored in air tight containers, because they will attract weevils if not.



Shop smart, do the math's and see if buying in bulk and sharing with your neighbors will help your family save money by buying in bulk.


Check your dockets


Before leaving any shopping center, always check your dockets. You will be amazed at how many times you have been charged the original price instead of the special price. Quite often mark downs are also charged out at original price as they go by the code and not the mark down ticket. I have found this happens quite often, and yes I know you want to trust your local supermarket, but anyone can make mistakes and it will be you who are paying for it in the end.