Tips to Achieving Your Resolutions or Goals
Credit: Self

Get a Notebook to Record Your Progress

Get a notebook to record your progress. You do not need to share it with anyone unless you choose to though I suggest make it private at least until you start making progress. When you first start something we often seek others approval and it is not necessary. We grow up with parents and then teachers constantly grading and inspecting us many of us keep that mentality. Use other's opinions as guides and think for yourself. Title and date your notebook and write out your goals. Each day write a little about what happened and what if any steps you took towards your goal.

Stop Being So Easy on Yourself

Stop being so easy on yourself. Some of us give ourselves way to much slack and when we do that things do not get done and that is not a good thing. As adults we often have to do things we don't like to get to where we want to go. Never give up. Always find ways to succeed. Ever since before I was old enough to work I would go around the neighborhood and walk my neighbors dogs and give them baths and any other errand I could do to earn. I once even rode around in a van full of kids selling candy. I don't recommend these now unless you know the people for safety reasons. In high school I would go to school then home to change into work clothes and then off to work which gave me little to no time to do my homework. I still managed to graduate though times when my friends were out having fun I didn't always like going to work I just knew if I didn't I would be going without as my family didn't have much money.

We Do This With Food as Well

We Do This With Food as Well. If your goal is to lose weight then you must stop giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want just because you can. I don't believe in cutting out any foods I enjoy I just have less of my desired food. I fill up on healthier foods such as chicken and vegetables. When my sweet tooth won't quit I drink a cup of cocoa with whip cream. I was overweight and I wouldn't really make changes and then I would weigh myself not lose weight and say I couldn't lose weight when I was just being to easy on myself. Don't forget losing weight isn't about just attractiveness it is also about getting healthier.

Seek Out Positivity

Seek Out Positivity. Some people find it hard to stay positive when negative things are happening around them and they have a crummy attitude and end up making everyone around them feel bad. Some people are just naturally bad people in general. Be cordial to these people just spend as little time with them as possible and try not to let them bother you. There are many places online to find positive quotes, graphics, scripture and more as well as people who are like-minded. Even if you have to do it alone do not give up. Work hard and keep a positive attitude and you can do just about anything you put your mind to.  

Start the New Year on a positive note and create a few goals to carry out. You can do it yes you. Whatever time of year do not wait another moment get started on one of your goals today. Time waits for no one and we never know how  much time we have.