According to a research conducted by the Department of Transportation, injuries and deaths occur more often in angled collisions than in head-on vehicle accidents. This is because most vehicles today have state-of-the-art features such as airbags that protect front passengers from getting injured. However, not so many cars have side airbags that can prevent passengers from getting injured.

If a vehicle hits another automobile in a broadside or T-bone collision, backseat passengers may get severely injured, or even killed. Interestingly, statistics say that passenger victims often survive side impact collisions, but suffer severe injuries. Some of these injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord, whiplash or neck injuries and broken bones.

If you are a vehicle owner and you do not want to get involve in a side collision, follow these effective tips:

Be careful when crossing intersections

The numbers show that side collisions usually happen in intersections, especially those that do not have any traffic signals. When crossing intersections, make sure to check both directions twice before crossing to the other side.

Always check your vehicle's brakes

The brakes' efficiency is very crucial in preventing accidents. If the brakes cannot put the vehicle into a complete stop, the driver may encounter a terrible accident. If you want to avoid this, check your brakes before hitting the road.

Follow traffic regulations and signals

In busy cities like Los Angeles, most intersections have traffic signals to prevent confusion among drivers. Because these lights were placed to avoid accidents, you should make sure to follow them. If you don't, you are risking your life.

Lookout for pickups and trucks with trailers

Trailers often cause collisions in intersections. This is because there are drivers who do not pay attention on them and just step on the gas the moment they see the tractor pass by. Motorcyclists usually encounter these kinds of accident.

If you got injured because a vehicle broadsided your car, you can file legal charges against the liable driver. Just contact a Los Angeles auto accident attorney, present your complaint and you are good to go.

Like any kind of vehicle accident, side collisions are dangerous and sometimes deadly. Just in case you got involved in such an accident and you managed to survive, there is still a way to recover from your losses. Hire the services of an LA personal injury lawyer to press charges against the responsible party and you will eventually obtain the compensation you deserve.